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Share the story of Easter

Share the story of Easter

Easter is such a very special reason to celebrate! The meaning of Easter is deep, and personal… but sometimes that beautiful message gets a little lost when mixed in with spring sports, dance competitions, spring breaks… not to mention Easter egg hunts and retail sales. I feel like life can get so crazy… seems like the holiday sneaks up on me…  usually I pull something together at the last minute, and kinda miss out on the teaching and pondering part. I didn’t want that to happen this year.


I was invited by SugarDoodle.org to create some type of project that would help my family focus on the meaning of Easter in conjunction with the new Easter video created by Mormon.org.   I am so thankful for this opportunity!  For several days I pondered the story of Easter – and considered possible ideas…but I didn’t feel like I could just focus on one part of the story – I wondered how I could tell the whole story, even the difficult parts, in one project; something that would communicate the reality of the Savior.


I thought about how the story of Easter has so many layers and messages…and it reminded me of those little nesting Russian Dolls…


Matrayoshka Dolls


I have loved these little nesting dolls ever since I was so little – they just got more beautiful as they get progressively smaller! They totally inspired the idea for this project.




This is a little video that I created as I made this project… it captures my heart in my process…


The story of a Savior started in the very beginning… the Lord knew that we would make mistakes, and experience so much sadness and heartbreak… so from the beginning he promised a Savior. He promised His Son would come.


Just as he promised… A child came to a virgin mother and grew to become a perfect man. And as was prophesied, he was loved by some and despised by many. He lived his life for His Father, proclaiming truth and HOPE… and when the time came, He offered Himself as a sacrifice for us.



We know this part of His story. He was betrayed. He suffered. He was wrongly accused and unfairly condemned. He was crucified as a common thief. He Died.


But just like was prophesied…. Exactly as it had been promised, on the third day He arose. He was Alive! And because of Him, and power that we can’t even comprehend as mortal citizens on this Earth… so are we promised to rise, and live again.



Forever more, in following Jesus Christ, lives His promise. A promise of hope. A promise of peace. A promise that even though we will fall short, we will be hurt and everything can and will go wrong… we have a Savior. His promise is real.


Our job is to believe.  Really believe. Trust that there is a plan, and a promise that is bigger than us. In that belief we find the strength and the desire to follow.


Because He did it for YOU.

Because He loves you.   Because He knows you… and He promised to help.

This year, this story has touched me more than any other time. As I have struggled and prayed for peace; for any shred of understanding that would help me to keep going even with a shattered heart.

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Losing Cory has been incomprehensible to me. I can’t understand it. There are no answers for me; no logical reason for this tragedy – only questions and pain. But I will tell you that this PROMISE has been real for me. My Savior has walked with me and comforted me. He has reassured me that His gift extends to my son – with something that I can’t give Cory. In this, I find my only comfort.   This “story” extends ALL TIME and ALL PEOPLE in ALL PLACES. For every unexplainable sadness, injustice, frustration, and hurt… there is a Savior. He knows.


I love that. I love Him.

I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that knew we would all need Him. Everyday.

I was so deeply moved by the message in this video created by the LDS church about this very promise… I kinda lost it when they started showing the photos of people they loved… you will see why. Please take a moment to watch this – and feel. The name of the video is #HALLELUJAH – which means “praise ye the Lord”

I created this little project that would serve as the perfect reminder. I have been carrying it with me – and I keep looking through it… it’s amazing the strength it gives me.


These little nesting envelopes are avail here to download… Each is a one page printable. All you have to do is cut along the solid line, and fold along the dotted line. It makes 5 little envelopes, with a final little card inside.

Here’s what you will need to make the little envelopes…


(of course I had to print mine out on a laser printer and foil with gold using the Minc)  Simply Cut, fold, adhere … tuck them one inside the next and hold the flap down with a little piece of washi.

I hope that especially for the next two weeks, you will carry this message in your heart… I hope it will touch you, and remind YOU that you matter… you matter to HIM. Follow Him, and find new life. Happy Easter.

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