signs of fall….

i hate to say it… but those tell tale signs of fall have begun!
of course, back to school is a dead giveaway!
but…the morning air is crisp and cool…60 degrees
i can see the first peeks of changing leaves…
and, all the Halloween candy is out at the grocery store.
this weekend being Labor Day is always summer's last Horrah! i hope you have a GREAT weekend! have some FUN and LIVE it UP!!
let me be the first to wish you a 'happy fall'!


as maybe you can tell- house of 3 likes to play HalloweeN! this week, we have shared some ideas using our newest Haunted creations!  take a peek on the Inspiration House blog !! this is just the beginning of what you can create! check it out, and start making your spooky plans!

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