starts MONDAY!!

Sihok, it’s official. i am all signed up. i have read through the intro info, and i am so excited and ready to go!
i will have to be going the route of making homemade everything, since i can’t hit any scrapbook stores to get goods- but i am fully capable of that!
THANK YOU JESSICA! this is going to be awesome. there are SO MANY PEOPLE in on this, and the cool thing is that it’s going to get so many of us on the same page, and moving forward doing what we love, and are passionate about with all new super-cool possibilities.
if you haven’t jumped in, what are you waiting for? don’t be left out, or left behind. even if you are NOT A SCRAPBOOKER… this still includes you.
i am even kicking in a freebie that you will get along the way! super-cute… it’s a great start to a great week… i LOVE MONDAY! bring it on!

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