sugar cookies and other valentine messes.

Today was a hang-around-the-house-not-get-dressed day. I woke up with a sore throat… but was blessed with a couple of extra hours of sleep- Connor slept until 9:30am. That was a world record for him. Eric was on a campout w/ Colton and Cory, so our house was minus the “fighting with quincy” factor… which is probably why the ‘little ones’ slept in!
Shortly after we woke up, quincy’s cute little friend Samantha came over, and they were determined to get to work on making some valentines. They went nuts. (as you can see). Even Capri got into the action. She knows exactly what to do with the distress ink and applicator tool. It’s her ‘favorite-‘can’t scrap without it tool!
 .  Nothing was sacred (to my dismay). And i am sorry to report, that I have run out of every shade of pink paper in my entire stash. WELL, my stash has been dwindling.. it’s quite a sad stash actually. I can’t wait to get a box of my new CHA product.. and get my hands on that paper… (my Love Notes line would have made for some lovely valentines).
By the time afternoon rolled around, I had mustered up the energy to face the promised, and much anticipated sugar cookie creation process. I don’t have a single cookie cutter here with me, so we did hand-cut hearts.. and all the different sizes, and shapes actually turned out cute and delicious. Once that was over…and loaded onto plates for distribution… we doorbell ditched a bunch of our neighbors, which is very exciting for the kids.
Yesterday Eric took me to a Thai spa downtown, where he surprised me with an ‘Ultimate Indulgence package’… ( I thought that was funny, that the name was like the tag line of CE). It involved a body scrub, a thai massage which is much more of a stretching and pressure point type of massage… and an Aromatherapy massage…  the room was set up for two people, so we got to enjoy the pampering together… what a treat. It was to die for… such a fabulous Valentine’s Day… kinda the best of everything! SO, thanks Eric… you are so awesome! thank you so much!
And I hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s day… good luck with your last minute creations! Wink!

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