the last 24 hours well spent

We made it home! Just a mere 24 hour venture. Yikes… it’s good to be back. Its so fun when people are so happy to see you! the babies were just thrilled beyond belief… I think they have been wondering ‘where is that mama person?’… everyone did great while quincy and I were away, what a blessing! Everything went smoothly with travel as well… all the connections made with ease, and all the luggage made it here… I have a stockpile of tootsie rolls and A-1 sauce…(ah, the little things) Capri was so happy with her sparkly, glitter shoes from target; colton was climbing through the bags to find his new books… I got him 3: “Inkheart”, “so you want to be a wizard”, and “ the Lightning Theif”… quite a reader that kid is… Cory was thrilled by another myatchi and some rootbeer candies (next best to the real thing) and eric was just happy to have me home! Connor looks bigger, and happier and more mobile than I remember him! Chuckle. He was so excited to see me! it just made my day…
So now, I have tons of unpacking to do… but I am going to sleep, and try to get back on Beijing time. I just missed an entire MONDAY!! And I just tried to download my photos, and for some reason, all my photos from the event are corrupt… so if you were in nashville, email me a photo or two! So sad!
I am proud to say…that my creative mind needed a rest so something possessed me to buy a sudoku book… I finished the whole thing, and was bummed I didn’t have more! That was a really good time waster! I have to apologize to Katie, cause I made fun of her for liking it… it really is fun! Sorry kates…
Ok, going to bed!

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