the new cory

Img_5200This is the Cory I woke up to this morning. last night he left with E to run a couple errands, and I was asleep when they got home. I had gone to bed as early as possible because I had a late night Creative Escape conf. call (hence the 4am blog post).  He was talking about buzzing his head, but I didn’t really think he was serious! I have to admit, I love it buzzed. I think it’s so cute on him. Capri was a little confused, but it throws her off when I wear a baseball cap!
About 2 weeks ago I made this little count down calendar for Cory to clarify when his birthday is. He was asking me everyday, more than once a day how long until his birthday and even started sending me emails to make sure I knew what he wanted. I made this out of cardboard and used my center of attention foam stamp set to create the numbers. Instead of just ripping the numbers off, I decided to make them just flip over to the back of the count down. He is loving it…and now constantly reminding me just how many days to go! so, fair warning… only 11 days until April 14th.  And therefore only 12 days until I leave for Nashville,TN for the Scrap, ETC. event… gasp.

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