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Img_1182_3Today we cruised out to the factory for a little bit, and then went into the city, for eats and to check out one of the more well-known markets: “silk street”. It’s one of those places that tour busses take loads of people to buy purses, silk stuff, all the Chinese goods you can imagine and MORE! We had heard that it was a mob-scene, and really pushy sales people, wanting to make you a deal.
On our way out to the factory, we found that the 6th ring road was closed because of fog…it was crazy, as we were driving along on the tollroad, all the sudden, cars are coming toward us down the freeway. Serioulsy, the off ramp was closed, so people just flipped a U turn right on the freeway and turned around to go back and get off at the last exit. Wowsa. Anyway, we got a bit derailed, and went the long way to the factory. The kids love going to the factory because of the trike. (see photos)… they love to ride it around and take turns driving, and riding in the back and I swear they get it going so fast in the courtyard-it’s scary. But they love it. The folks that work at the factory are used to their rambunctious behavior. They think it’s pretty funny.
It took us about an hour and ½ to get into the city from the factory due to the fog factor… we parked near the silk street market, and checked it out. it was really fun to see all the stuff that is available there. It wasn’t too crowded… the kids liked the toy section. I liked the kites. I was too chicken to buy one… I need to do a little more investigation. But I really want one of those long dragon kites. I think it’s going to take a little learning to figure out how to fly them. But I definitely found the one I want. So fabulous.
Tomorrow is the Halloween celebration here… I am so lame in the costume planning department. So, we’ll have to get really creative tomorrow and see what we come up with.
Ok… just for you MESA LOCALS… Saturday morning Emily’s neighborhood is having a big garage sale… she has decided it’s time to purge her garage and storage area of old kits, product and stuff that needs to get cleaned out!  frankly, she has a bunch of great stuff that she just needs to get rid of. Random stuff… but GOOD stuff!
The sale is from 7am until noon on SAT. Oct. 27th … the cross streets are University and Sossaman. Her address is:  353 north Greenwood
If you are a local… check it out!

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