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I love my Memory Dex Spinner  that I started last year but wanted to start a fresh new project in it. I thought what better way than to use it to celebrate my recent holiday to see Heidi in Utah. It will be an ongoing project but I wanted to  get it started with a few of my favorite photos from my trip. So I grabbed some of the brand new Memory Dex cards available now at Independent and online stores, my Spinner, a few bibs and bobs to embellish each card and printed off my photos.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp hsmemorydex heidiswapp

Once I got creating I started laying out my cards on my table and it was telling me the prettiest little story!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp hsmemorydex heidiswapp

You can see here I have also combined some of the Memory Dex cards from the previous release to add a touch of glamour to my Spinner with the gold accents. I really loved how it was looking laid out on my table but I had to get started and slid them into my spinner.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp heidiswapp hsmemomorydex

I love the texture and pops of color that shines through as you see the layers in my cards.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp hsmemorydex heidiswapp

It is so easy to turn each card to reveal the next card, its kinda like a surprise at each turn.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp hsmemorydex heidiswapp

The Spinner really is  such a quick and easy way to hold your memories.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp hsmemorydex heidiswapp

Let me share a quick description of each card for you. As I said previously I started with the new Memory Dex cards, there are several versions but I chose to use the Selfie Pack ( I think you know why wink). For this card I stamped several times with Heidi’s acrylic stamps to add texture, then stapled on some of the sheer gold spot washi tape from the Memory Planner collection to the side and finished with a splash of Colorshine.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp heidiswapp hsmemorydex

This card is actually the reverse side of one of the cards in the new collections. I adhered that Chipboard speech bubble from the Project Life collection then used one of the gold clips to attach the 3x 3 card from the Memory Planner and added those Teal puffy stickers to complete.

@heidiswapp @kimjeffress heidiswapp hsmemorydex

Here I have used one of the Memory Dex cards from my stash and laid on a 4×4 card from the Memory Planner collection as well as that floral chipboard  frame. I then embellished the card with more of the gold spot washi and that gold bow from the Sticker collection.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp heidiswapp hsmemorydex

In the new packs there are a number of journaling cards. I ran mine through my vintage type writer to add my journaling.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp heidiswapp hsmemorydex

I then adhered each journaling card to the back of each Memory Dex card.

@kimjeffres @heidiswapp heidiswappmemorydex

Another card from my stash, I added some washi, sheer stickers and a splash of gold colorshine to complete.

@heidiswapp @kimjeffress heidiswapp hsmemorydex

Another card that shows the reverse side of the new cards, I added my photo to the top of my card and then adhered that ampersand, glitter puffy stickers and washi tape to complete. The splashes of teal Colorshine and the perfect finishing touch!

kimjeffress @heidiswapp heidiswapp hsmemorydex

These two fun cards were simply embellished with stamping and puffy stickers.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp heidiswapp hsmemorydex

For this card I adhered my Instax photo to the centre of the card then layered over a glitter frame from the Sticker collection. I added texture with puffy stickers, washi and gold stickers and finished off with that teal clip.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp heidiswapp hsmemorydex

A black clip attached to the top of the card accentuates that sheer pink sticker beautifully.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp hsmemorydex heidiswapp

One of my favourite cards is this double layer card. Under neath I have used one of the Water Color Memory Dex cards from the previous collection and spritzed it with pink and hot pink Colorshine for an Ombre effect. Once dry I clipped on that Noted clear Card from Pink Paislee and finished with a sheer sticker.

@heidiswapp @kimjeffress hsmemorydex heidi swapp

Finally I adhered my photo to another reverse side of the card, added some floral washi from the Memory Planner collection then added some stamping to the white tab,a puffy sticker and a splash of black Colorshine to complete.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp hsmemorydex

I can’t wait to add more cards to my Spinner to remember and celebrate more of my vacation memories.

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