WEEK 8: Memory File Adventure!

HELLO FRIENDS! And welcome to WEEK 8  of our Memory File Adventure (even though this is week 9!)  I have a to hand it to each and every one of the ladies on my Media Team! They basically BLEW my mind with each week of ideas and inspiration!  I want to genuinely thank them for giving their hearts to this fun project! I know that they LOVED sharing their ideas…

If you are here for the first time, or if you have missed any of the previous weeks, you can find weeks 1-7 right here:

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I can HARDLY believe that it’s been 9 weeks since we started this amazing journey! I look back, and it’s been 9 of the most crazy intense weeks ever!  I feel like I have packed a year into the last 2 months!  Sometimes the days feel like weeks, and other times… the weeks feel like days!  When I got to thinking about these last 4 pages, I decided that I wanted to focus on the  #littlethings in daily life!   As I have been on the go… all the different cities and countries and projects and classes… I have never been so happy to be HOME just doing all the totally normal typical daily things! So I just chose to focus on MY RIGHT NOW!  I felt so happy to spend my day in PJ’s, doing laundry and making a sandwich for lunch.  I kinda wanted to CELEBRATE it… social media STYLE,  but right here in my own Memory File Album!

To kick off this GRAND FINALE, I created a FREE download that’s a ONE PAGE printable.  There are 8 quotes on the printable… I printed them out four times:

  1. white cardstock
  2. vellum
  3. acetate (for my ink jet printer)
  4. Serendipity paper

NOTE:  if you would like these quotes as .png files to use individually or as cutting files… you can grab them here in the HS digi shop. 

SO,  here’s what you’ll need:


White Cardstock

Serendipity paper

Printable acetate

Clear pop banner delights and alphas

Stencil and   acrylic paint

Shipping tags

Labels from the instaframes



Here’s the assignment:


  1. as your day goes on, write a few ‘tweets’ (you can tweet them for reals, or they can just be for your book!) – tweets are 140 characters, and often include hashtags.
  2. Take a bunch of photos through your day – or even over a few days. They should really just capture the most typical normal stuff that happens in your life!  The #littlethings


Mine features a few pics from home, and a few pics from my recent trip to New Zealand.

3. get your pics PRINTED.  If you haven’t already check out the tips I share last week on getting the pics printed from Persnickity Prints. I loved the 3×3 size.  And if you use the promo code: instalove   you can get 20% off your purchase as well as flat rate shipping.   I have 17 intas in mine.


  1. write captions for each of your instas-  like you would add captions or “status updates” on facebook or instagrams.  Have fun adding your own hastags.



Let’s talk page 1:

I wanted to make a little ‘personal twitter feed’ right here inside the book.


cut 2 slits on the right hand  - each slit 2 ¾” wide about ¾” between each slit.  – start 2” down from the top and ½’ from the right.   -  we’ll need to create a tag that slides from the back, up the top slit and back down the bottom.  – the “tweet” will show up in that small section between the slits.

When I created the sliding ‘tweet’ tag, I cut it 2 ½” wide, and ran it through my typewriter. You could also just hand write the tweet, or print it out.  I added a little folded over ‘Color Magic note’ at the top of the tag where you pull up!


Once I had the twitter feed in place, it’s just fun décor time!

I used 2 of the quotes from the printable: RIGHT NOW and “make the most of every moment”.

  1. the make the most quote is on the acetate, and I cut a pennant just larger than the one that is already cut in the page, and I stapled it over the that opening.
  2. I cut the  “right now” down into a rectangle and bit the corners out with  a ½” circle punch.  I used the little 6×6 dot stencil and some turquoise acrylic paint – and sprayed it with Mustard Color Shine.

I chose just one photo for that first page… and it’s one of me in my pj’s and croc’s. yep- my comfy place.

I used another 6×6 stencil and the same acrylic paint on the front, and after the paint had dried I added a few clock stamps.

Couple other bits:

  • sewed the word “TIMES” from the clear pop alpha  across the top of the page
  • Added a status update to the photo
  • Needed glitter alphas to glam up the pj photo
  • Stapled the Clear Pop Banner along the top
  • Color Shine added to a wood pointer finger #lovethat


Turn to the BACK:

To cover the slider, I cut a scrap of Serendipity paper to cover just to the edge of the window. Only glue around the edges so the twitter tag will still move!

I created 2 more “slider” tags with more “status” updates- this time just handwritten. I sewed JUST the top and bottom of the instagrams to a scrap of serendipity paper – that way tags could slide right behind the photos. I did a little stenciling + color shine on the tags-  the tags can slide to the right and you can read the info about the photos.


Front of page 2:

Here there are 2 photos- I cut   2 pieces of scraps 3”x9”.  I folded each piece 3” on one and 4” on the other.  I wrote the captions and photo info on the flaps that open.

Just one little fun addition: I used a piece of the quote page that says “adventure awaits”  printed on vellum – I stenciled dots using my 6×6 stencil on the back of the vellum quote and adhered that to the flap.

Back of page 2:

This page was super simple- just took 4 meaningful instas from my New Zealand trip, and adhered.  I cut the “fill today with light and laugher” from the quote sheet that was cut from acetate. – I just stapled that over the top of the photos.  These were particular photos that made me happy!

Front of page 3:

There is a cute little framed opening – I cut out the “welcome 24” from the vellum quote sheet (again I added dots on the back using my 6×6 dot stencil) and adhered it right over the opening – kinda on an angle.


Front of page 4:


I added 6 instas on the front of the pink file page, but with a bit of a twist.  Again I wanted to add my “updates” and “captions” for each of the photos -   I cut 6  3”x6” pieces of scraps, and folded them in half -à crease at the top and adhered the photo on the top, and adhered the back of the folded piece evenly spacing each photo.  Now you can lift each photo and read the little details.  – I can even add some labels and tabs for lifting etc.

**I did the same thing on the back of page 3.


Make a pocket:

So I had a few things from the week  that I wanted to keep handy- so I used some 3D foam tape on the top and bottom to create a pocket.


Life is good! If you have been playing along by now you have a nice big THICK reminder of good and happy stuff!! I hope that you have enjoyed this little journey! Of course if you missed some… it’s all still here!  You can come back and be inspired and get ideas through out the summer… it’s such fun creative play!

Here’s  wish you the  happiest of Mondays! And here’s to a great week!

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