weekend warriors!

Beijing is so beautiful right now. Everything is in bloom… with vibrant color and beautiful green everything else.  I took these photos at Forbidden City- the Peony is the national flower… and they are just beautiful, and are the subject of my favorite Chinese paintings. I almost like that shiny, hot pink bag just as much…
We are leaving in the morning for a couple of days in southern China… going to Guilian, and Xian- two of the spots I have been waiting patiently to visit since we got here.  hopefully I will have some awesome photos upon return! I was explaining to the kids that this is not a ‘vacation’ that we are embarking on, but an ‘adventure’! we will be biking, and rafting and climbing in caves…and if you have heard of the ‘Terra Cotta Warriors’ we’ll be there as well! So exciting. We are coming home on the over-night train… I have heard many-a-story about the over-night train, so I am really stoked to see for myself! Come see on Monday, tales of our ‘adventure’…

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