welcome fall~

I think that it’s amazing how the seasons change. How you can totally feel it in the air, ever so slightly… then the leaves start to change just a bit. the evenings are significantly chill, and it’s getting COLD when we are waking up, making it even harder for sure to get up! The days are getting so much shorter, and I haven’t unpacked the ‘winter’ clothes boxes. I need to move it up on the to-do list.
In the spirit of the fall, I had to celebrate by making Punpkin Choc. Chip cookes. I made a double batch, and they are SO delicious… ! then today I went to a pot luck lunch here in the neighborhood, and the hostess made this AWESOME dish that I thought was sweet potato! … turned out to be cooked pumpkin and it was delish. So I am going to try that, I will let you know how it goes. How fun to cook a pumpkin!  Oct. is such a full and busy month for me every year… Colton’s b-day is on the 22nd, and it always sneaks up on me. I need to get thinking about that and Halloween costumes. (EEK).
Every year I try to make a pact to start preparing for the holidays earlier. I went for a walk the other day and brainstormed some holiday projects that I want to work on, and it just got me thinking, planning and mentally preparing for the holidays! Have you started Christmas shopping!? Not me. I am SO last minute! ..
Well, I thought that I would mention that the new club heidi kit is ready to go live. I  bring this up because as ALWAYS the value is amazing for the kit, and it would make an AWESOME chritmas, birthday or shower gift for any crafty girl. You could even just break it down and give some gifts and keep some! Lol. this time, the kit includes tools. An acrylic block and a few stamps, my colored pencils, a distress tool, a petite piercer and a ready set tool. (did you see the article in BHG Scrapbooks, Etc on eyelets. Totally made me want to get my ready set out and go to work… eyelets really have a great impact and look so nice on your project, but the hammering is a nightmare, the ready set is quick and easy and in this kit, it’s a great deal).  I love this little container of colored pencils… i throw it in when we go to church, and  it’s easy to put them away and get them out. I love adding just a little bit of color to journaling, and stamps etc. w/ pencils.
As for the petite piercer… more people comment on the piercer than any other tool! Well, except maybe the sandpaper.. that is a definite crowd favorite. But the piercer is great to have around and it’s small and just really handy.  if you have had a distressing tool for more than a year, you need a new one! you will be so pleased when you get a new one and it’s just new and ‘cutting edge’. Between the edge distresser and the sandpaper, that is what I use on every layout. Ok, I gotta get to bed. I can hardly keep my eyes open! (can it possibly be time for soccer already?)

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