WELCOME to MAY 2014.. new Memory Planner Printable!

well, it’s arrived: welcome MAY! time flies! but before i say anything else… seriously, i have to thank the amazing women that i work with for completely SPOILING me on my birthday! i am just stunned, and grateful! THANK YOU all so very much! and thank you all for the lovely birthday messages!! i had just the most remarkable daY! … many, many thanks!SO, my april was epic! started in Australia, included a couple dance competion, several rugby games, piles of homework, cory’s 15th, a new niece, spring break, EASTER, my dad’s 70th and even a TV appearance including my kiddos! my world went from dead and dreary to new little leaves on the trees and beautiful green grass! Not every day was easy, or even ‘effective’, but this month held many wonderful memories! which is what this “Memory Planner” is all about: just “one little thing each day”. so just a couple days ago, my whole team posted their “april” and i have to admit that i was SO inspired, that i added a few really happy extras to help me capture last month’s magic!

i created a couple flaps that lift, and allow for extra stuff underneath – one is just stapled to the left side page – here i used the “time flies” kraft tag. On the right, i actually attached it to a 3×4 card that tucked into the photo sleeve – gave me extra space!

early this month, i was invited to share some ideas on “Studio 5″ which is a local TV show- i wanted to show some fun ways to involve KIDS in Easter decor and cards! I decided to take some cues from Kim Jeffress, and simply include one of the bunnies right into the binding of my book!


All i had to do was punch holes in the bunny, and cut through to the hole – and then shimmy the bunny into the spiral binding! i LOVE that i get to keep in in there!

you might also notice – there on the left side, i included a “QR” code! ok, like all my team have been playing with this fabulous fun idea… this is the PERFECT way to link actual VIDEO or even other websites right into the planner! i LOVE it! all i did was download a “QR generator” to my phone, and it was SUPER easy to make! makes me want to include like 20 of them!

I included some of the bits and pieces i have been playing with -playing with mini-stencils, Color Magic

smile” is from the Color Magic 6×6 pack available in JoAnn Stores!

I added some pics that i printed using my ZINK printer, which is just so perfect for this album!


i love looking back – i managed to cram A LOT into this ONE month! i just appreciate that these little comments make it so easy to remember my month. i added some really quick embellishments: glitter star stickers, and card stock circle stickers. i still have more info that i’d like to include- before i forget!

but GUESS WHAT? it’s time for a NEW MONTH… and so i have created a BRAND NEW, Freebie Printable especially for MAY! The printable matches the pocket configuration for this month, and coordinates with the colors for the month, and features “mothers day”!

FREE “mom” printable click here!

These beautiful flowers is just right for Mom! plus… i have created a card that you can feature whatever it is that YOU are celebrating in May! and the perfect card to document thememorable moments”.

and just because i LOVE those of you who spell “mom” a little different, here is a version for YOU! for the record, my 6 & 7 year olds saw this and were very excited to tell me that i spelled “MOM” wrong!

FREEBIE printable “MUM” version click here to download

it’s NEVER too late to start documenting with the Memory Planner! doesn’t have to start in JANUARY! you can jump on board at any time! it’s SO much fun to play with! these planners are available at Michaels! the TIME IS NOW!!! come play! print these on white card stock , or even vellum!

#make pretty stuff


please share!! please print!! please enjoy!!


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