wood album challenge – version he

welcome to a brand new week! i think that spring is arriving here in SLC, UT!? yesterday the sun was shining… every bit of snow has melted away from our yard… and the temps are looking better and better all week! it’s just exciting! right in time for Daylight Savings! now that i am 2 days into it… i hardly notice the loss of an hour, and i am happier to wake up to some light!  feels FRESH! and i’m ready… i have also re-committed myself to exercise and eating right in preparations for more summery styles!  the last few months i have prioritized exercise OUT… it’s time to bump it up again.  

if you have been to Michaels in the last few weeks and checked out my new products there…you would have seen all the WOOD ALBUMS on the bottom row: 

yes… there are FOUR of them! the one on the far left is ONLY wood covers (with the zigzag edge), and it has a really cool silk fabric coating on the cover.  The rest come with a bunch of pages inside- it’s just WHITE, but perfect for adding COLOR SHINE! There is also a GORGEOUS shadowbox frame that hides on the very bottom … These wooden items are designed to TOTALLY customize and personalize according to YOUR life! and who you will be making this project for and about!  i have found myself playing with the wood albums a lot in the last couple of weeks as i have been preparing episodes for my show on My Craft Channel and working on my next ‘Signature Series’ book. you might have even seen me sneak some pics on instagram last week. the possibilities are endless! i can’t wait to show you more! 

but i have a treat planned for you! i have asked two of my Media Team members to help me showcase the possibilities for these items, and i decided to really put them to the challenge! today you will see a completely AMAZING mini album created by Maggie Massey using the ‘star’ wooden album that you see on the above right.  and TOMORROW Lindsay Bateman will be here sharing her STUNNING version of the ‘heart’ wood album. I’ll let Maggie fill you in on the details of the challenge: buckle in a prepare to be inspired!! 


I always love a good creative challenge. I feel like they really allow me to stretch my style and to maybe work in ways and with items I wouldn’t normally gravitate to…so when I was given the opportunity to actually create the challenge and define it’s parameters , I jumped at the chance…woo hoo!

Lindsay Bateman and I were asked to create two albums…one for a boy, one for a girl…and I got to decide what items we were to use for said albums…sounds easy, right? Well, here’s where the challenge part comes in…for both albums I decided we were to use the Sugar Chic paper pad…a paper pad that may seem too feminine for a project like this, right? Here’s why I chose it…I wanted to prove (to myself) that I could make albums/pages/projects for ALL of my kids (1 girl, 2 boys) with just a few items. I tend to lean toward making pages for my daughter over my boys because so many collections are so wonderfully girly…or boy items are just too baby-ish. But Heidi’s new collections at Michaels really can be used for every. single. project you want to create. Change your Color Shine…change your theme…easy peasy.

Now…here are the items that Lindsay and I used to make our albums:

*The Sugar Chic paper pad (on sale this week at Michaels for just $11.99USD!)

*A Color Magic Wood Album (I used Star and Lindsay used Heart)

*Color Magic Arrows

*Color Magic Stars

*Color Magic Hearts

*Color Magic Chipboard Alphas

*Epoxy Letter Alphas – Black & White

*Color Magic Notes

*Color Magic Banner Delights

*Definition Stickers

*Color Magic Seam Binding

*Black Velvet Color Shine

*Gold Lame Color Shine

*2 other Color Shine colors (I chose Bronzer & Mustard, Lindsay chose Sweet Cherry & Primrose)

and that’s it…

Here is the album I made for my middle son, Grayson…

Wood Album Challenge

I decided to turn my album sideways (inspiration from Kim Jeffress), so that it acted more like a traditional photo album…and I sprayed the entire thing with Black Color Shine. One coat is all it takes to achieve a beautiful, rich color…

Wood Album Challenge

I added some Gold Stickles to my letters to make them sparkle a little (sparkle is great for boys, too!)…and I cut the word “MEMORIES” from some Heidi Swapp packaging…

Wood Album Challenge

And here’s the inside…

Wood Album Challenge

A sheet of vellum acts as an extra page and provides more room for another photo and embellishments…(inspired by Jamie Pate)

Wood Album Challenge

Wood Album Challenge

A little Color Magic note embellished with some Color Magic paper sprayed with Bronzer and fussy-cut act as a little half-page…

Wood Album Challenge

Wax paper also makes an appearance in this little book…(of course…)

Wood Album Challenge

I set aside the back of each album page as a spot for journaling…a place to write notes to my boy. I simply used an archival pen and my ruler to makes lines and a frame for the page…then I used Heidi’s Clear Stamps to add interest…

Wood Album Challenge

The Color Magic Banner Delight packaging (cut down and sewn at the sides and bottom to add texture) acts as a little pocket on this page…I’ve added a plain Color Magic note so that I can add journaling or another small photo…

Wood Album Challenge

I added a little shaker pocket (filled with glitter and stars punched from a scrap of Color Magic paper, as well as the letters LOVE cut from a page of the Sugar Chic pad…an idea featured here by Lindsay Bateman, and one that I fell in love with). This was made with the remainder of the Color Shine Banner Delight packaging…

Wood Album Challenge

Try looking at your supplies (stickers, paper, packaging etc.) closely to see if they can be cut or used in a way that you wouldn’t normally use them…here I cut apart a Definition Sticker down to just the word “vibrant” – and placed it on a single Color Magic Banner Delight that I chose to leave un-colored.

Wood Album Challenge

Wood Album Challenge

I like to use a lot of foam dots to create layers on my pages…they add dimension to my photos…a look that I really love…

Wood Album Challenge

I used almost an entire sheet of Definition Stickers for this page…and I LOVE the effect.

Wood Album Challenge

The word “magic” is cut from Heidi Swapp packaging, and so is the black/white strip under the photo. To add even more dimension to this page, I cut a piece of yellow/white striped paper and cut it in half…I placed one half of the paper under the photo and the other half on the photo, allowing just a bit of the photo to show…

Wood Album Challenge

For my final page, I stitched around my photo and the embellishments to add texture, and because I just LOVE the look…I love how the photo becomes a part of the page, just with a simple run through my sewing machine…

Wood Album Challenge

I used the Alphabet Paper available in the Sugar Chic pad a bit unconventionally here…as a paper layer rather than cut into words (inspired by Jennifer Evans)…

Wood Album Challenge

And there you have it! Totally boy, right? I really love this album…and Gray just won’t stop looking at it…

Wood Album Challenge

Wood Album Challenge

Why not try a challenge of your own? You all own the Sugar Chic Paper Pad by now, right? Well, if not, pick yours up at Michaels and take a look for yourself just how versatile it is…then grab a few bottles of Color Shine and get to work! I guarantee you will be amazed by how easy it is to make your projects look entirely different with exactly the same basic materials…and come back tomorrow to see Lindsay’s “girl” album…I promise you, you do not want to miss it…

ok… didn’t i tell you!? amazing!? and if you anything like me, you have already scrolled up and down through these photos several times trying to absorb the beautiful details!  and don’t you just love how Maggie has taken little ideas that she has seen other members of the Media Team share in their projects and incorporated them into her project today! i love her use of cutting bits from the packaging! love this beautiful color combo! and you have to admit that her son Gray is completely adorable! no wonder he loves looking at this amazing creation all about him! notice how Maggie left some of the pages the original WHITE, and some she covered. – that’s a great way to pace her album! notice that some photos hang off the edges- with absolutely no regard for the edge of the page! (love it)! ok… so i am feeling totally inspired. and quite honestly… it’s got to start with a photo shoot! spring couldn’t come at a better time! 

now just a note… as Maggie outlined the items used in this challenge, it seems like a decently long list- but here’s the cool thing- these are items that come with LOTS of each item in a package! and this is really where the magic of this stuff comes in- you will note that there are only a few arrows, and color magic notes in her project- just a couple little words with the alphas and just a few banners here and there- but because they are TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE with COLOR, they can be used on ANY project. the items that are listed in this challenge are absolutely my ‘GO-TO’ list of favorites. also, an important note… as you are building your Color Shine collection… keep in mind that you can use almost ANY color medium on these  Color Magic items: markers, inks, acrylic paint, water colors etc, etc.  alright… as Maggie mentioned,  tomorrow Lindsay will BLOW YOUR MIND with her version of the same stuff! you might want to get yourself a fresh, new WOOD ALBUM (just sayin’)

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