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ok, so i just was on Karen’s blog getting my usual dose of photographic inspiration, and saw that she is giving away a chance to win a spot in her ‘photographers workshop’. at the moment, it’s really hard to get in. it’s a 9 week course that is usually $275, but w/ quite a long wait list. she started the bidding on her blog at a dollar… so check it out. i must say that i have been so overwhelmingly impressed with her class, her organization and her over all down-to-earth coolnes.. i just love her, and have loved learning. i had to listen and read the last 2 classes both 3 times to get the apeture/shutter speed/ISO connection and how they all work, and i have never wanted to know any of that mumbo jumbo but NOW I GET IT! (man, took awhile).
you have to go and check it out. it would be wonderful to win, but even cool just to join in her raising money for a good cause this holiday season!

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