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Amazing… you HAVE to tune into the Olympics Opening Ceremonies… WOW. It was amazing. it’s LONG, but when there are 204 delegates or something like that, it takes time! we have been so excited to see the opening ceremonies, and it was so hyped up with secrecy, and the sheer numbers of people that it was involving. I think there are over 10,000 performers… when we went to Yangshuo with my parents, we saw a show on the river that was directed and put together by the same guy that was doing the opening. We knew that it would blow our minds. But what they did was so uniquely Chinese… and so technologically advanced.. and yet so reflective of their disciplines and traditions… so different than anything that has been done before. the fireworks were spectacular. I’d LOVE to be able to see it in high-def and American coverage. Anyway.. very cool. eric got me a cool USA t-shrit and we have our first event in the morning, bright and early… beach volleyball… and tomorrow night, 3 hours of men’s gymnastics! I promise to post photos!

So guess what…
Today my new website went live at heidiswapp.com … it’s cute, and it’s fun… it’s not quite where I want it to be… so much more content and STUFF that I am planning on adding in, and filling it with on a regular basis… but I am so happy that it’s all plugged together, and up and I can see it all in once place! Thank you so much to all those who have been working on it, and putting up with this project! as you look around, know that we have lots more planned to add and update… it’s going to be fabulous.  I get SO many emails asking about ‘club heidi’ and when it’s coming back…it’s first month back will be September, and it goes up for sale as of the first. You may remember, they usually sell out QUICK. You can see the kit in the club heidi section of the website…it’s all clocks.. so cute! I can NEVER get enough clocks. This is a great ‘time’ (ha ha) of year to get this one… it comes with a 12” memory clock, which is an awesome gift for Christmas. as always, these kits are a tremendous value! Pretty cool, be sure to check it out, and plan on snagging one when they come available! Another thing that is super cool, that I love on the site is that we have my full catalogs in there with that cool ‘page turning’ capability… so it’s easy to just flip through the catalog. This will be an awesome resource even for me! I hate it when I can’t find a catalog. Like I said, now that we have it in place, we’ll be adding all kinds of little things here and there. I am excited to have it as part of our education and brand support. … it’s so amazing to think of the way that technology for web keeps improving all the time. I can’t wait to put more, and better videos on there… as well as downloadable projects, exclusive products and kits… and all kinds of unique ideas. It’s really just the beginning.. and it’s totally requiring me to ‘stretch’ and learn new stuff… which mostly, I hate! but you have to… otherwise, your kids know way too much more than you! 

Planning events has sort of taken over my creativity at the moment. With 4 big education events on the horizon, it’s both an exciting time as well as a very busy time.
There are only 26 days before Creative Escape… and the final touches are happening! The CE book is coming together beautifully and all the little unique details are so fun to ‘wrap up’. Those of you coming are in for such a treat! Be sure that you order a t-shirt that you can pick up at the event. They are pre-sale ONLY… so you won’t want to miss out.  and if you need to order anything else.. you can do that through Scrapbooks ETC.- our ‘on-site’ store… it’s always amazingly stocked.

Right after I return to Beijing, the Scrapmap China Tour will be coming to town! Sept 20. We have been chatting online in our yahoo group, getting to know each other and getting excited. I have been planning my little presentations, trying to give everyone all the inside scoop possible so they will have a ‘local’ perspective on things. Don’t worry, I will be bringing the ‘blog’ along so that all of you can live vicariously through our travels! It’s going to be an exciting trip.

Registration for my Australia event: Create ’08 started on August 1st. I will be visitng 2 citites: Brisbane and Melbourne and hosting a one day event in each city. During that day together, I am teaching 3 classes… I am really excited to get back to Australia! And this time I am brining my family and making a beach holiday out of it. I can’t wait!  We still have a limited number of seats in each city available… check the Create 08 blog for registration instructions.

Yesterday…I had the pleasure of visiting in a conf. call with all the educators on ‘The Ultimate Scrapbook Cruise”… Donna Downey, Teresa Collins, Karen Russell, Margie Romeny-Aslette, Michelle Van Etten and myself will be joining Jim West in January on his ‘Ultimate Scrapbook Cruise’… we talked and laughed and brainstormed for almost 2 hours. I am SO excited about doing this with these girls. it’s so fun to talk, and bounce ideas around… we have some things in the works that will make this truly THE ultimate scrapbook cruise. I’ll be filling you in more as we get everything finalized… suffice it to say… you won’t want to miss out! there are still spaces available, go to Scrapmap.com.

Also, Janet has a bunch of classes on her calendar in Texas and Arizona… check her blog for more info and descriptions. She has put together a cute project using a bunch of my new papers. Check them out. really fun!

Shoot, this is a really long post.!! Good night.

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