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10 things about memory file + "right now" mem file project

10 things about memory file + "right now" mem file project

We still have two full weeks of April which means I get to share LOTS more inspiration for Memory Files…

art of observation update

we are 2 weeks into the ‘art of observation’ class over at Big Picture Classes and I am having so much fun! i loved seeing what the ladies in the class were doing for the projects, and also how they are interpreting the observations. Creating this class, and putting the observation techniques/assignments to work in my own life has made a huge impact on me, and thy way I see things around me. I am super thankful for the opportunity, and for those of you in my class!  This put a smile on my face… this is something one of the lovely ladies (lisa)  in my class posted in the class Message Board under the heading:

Things I love about Heidi’s new scrapbooking concept (Memory Files) – by Lisa:

  1. I got 19 photos into/onto one “layout” and it doesn’t look crowded/overwhelming.
  2. All of the pictures are of random things, people,events, but the Observation theme “Ties” them together… Beauty is things, people, acts, etc. LOVE IT!
  3. I can put thick embellishments into the file system and it’s still NOT bulky or poking through the page protector and onto another LO.  I actually used one of those 3D resin flowers!
  4. It’s INTERACTIVE!!!!!!!!  (probably should be #1)  I LOVE flipping, tucking, folding, hiding items LOVE IT!!!
  5. I don’t have to cut the page protectors to have my LO be interactive! NO more 12 x 12 pages falling out of the album!
  6. It can be a work in progress!  Oh how I see using the file system for ALL of our Christmas events as they happen. I sincerely hope you are working on a Christmas line, Heidi!
  7. The hand written journaling works/looks BETTER than typed (even my chicken scratch)
  8. I got to put pictures of my all boy household (minus me) onto hot pink, turquoise and zebra printed PP AND it didn’t look stupid!
  9. You can still use every scrapbooking technique ever learned.
  10. It’s just darn FUN!

thanks Lisa! i hope you don’t mind that i shared your fun list!

“right now” memory file project

My sweet friend Maridette Cachola created a Memory File project recently that seems to goes right along with Lisa’s sentiments above.  I have been a long time admirer of this beautiful girl’s stuff, and have enjoyed getting to know her in real life at different shows etc. I sent her some of my products and asked her to play with them… I was excited to see what she would come up with!

Maridette did not disappoint: She made a fabulously interactive Memory File documenting her daughter “right now”.  I LOVE all the different openables that she created, and all the different facets of her daughter, Gabriella’s, life that she was able to capture and document with this ONE file.  I was lucky enough to see this project in person- and it was so much fun to explore!

First off- Dette decorated the memory file box itself to make it more of a ‘décor’ piece – I love how she included photos on the front of the box.

She explained to me, with just a few more years before her only daughter graduates from high school, she would like to create a memory file each year. Dette explains,

“I thought this would be perfect to document every year of my daughter’s life. She’s almost a teen.  I guess you can say she’s a tween;  full of Life, curiosity, exploring & experiencing new things.  In this system I can document what’s going on in her life such as her favorite shows, food, ice cream, music, fashion sense etc.”

That would be so much fun to look back on!  she will add to the collection and store in this box. In Maridette’s own words she describes her project:

“I used Heidi’s gorgeous new SUGAR CHIC collection.   I pierced holes about an inch apart then used embroidery floss to sew the pages together.

It’s a great way to add different sizes of paper, envelopes and any other kind of media.  It was also fun to add Heidi’s FOTO STACK OPENABLES and a page protector from your local office supply store. 

I love creating interactive elements to my work.  On the inside cover, I made Heidi’s adorable CAPTIONS into an openable to add more journaling or photos.”

Even though I have only ever seen photos of Maridette’s beautiful daughter, I feel like I can learn so much about her, and even kinda get to know her through this project! Her sassy style, and adorable personality shows through in her mom’s work! I just love the easy, relaxed approach that is so attainable within these memory files! I love that there is no rules.. that you can tuck, and hide… add extra pages, include pockets and protectors… you can include ephemera, as well as stamp and ink it up to your heart’s content!

I want to thank Maridette for all her inspiration to ME! I have loved seeing all that she has done with my new products! Even though my ‘teens’ are boys, I think they would totally dig something along these lines about them- music, friends, activities etc.  Dette, you’ve got my wheels turning!

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