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1/3 of Nov…gone.

1/3 of Nov…gone.

Never enough time… I know that everyone can relate, but it’s
almost 11pm and I am wondering what I even did today!? That is how short my
short term memory is. But I feel like I was busy and non-stop all day long… I
must have gotten something done. I know I cleaned up the kitchen multiple
times. and I did finish all the laundry (one batch of towels drying as I
type).  Got both Connor and
Colton’s hairs cut- a definite high priority since neither of them could see.
Before I knew it, it was dinner and FHE. We broke out the first Christmas movie
of the season and we all watched “Deck the Halls” with Danny DeVito and Matthew
Broderick and laughed and laughed. I can’t believe 1/3 of November is already

Couple of updates from my world of ‘Inspiration Sessions’…
which is what I call the classes that I am teaching out and about… this last
weekend I was in a place called Watertown, S. Dakota… it’s a small town about 2
hours from Sioux Falls, 2 hours from Fargo… 4 hours from Minneapolis.  In this small town is an awesome
building called the Goss Opera House. This 150 year old building was discovered
by a man named Mr. Berry- who decided that the wanted to renovate and reclaim
it to be used for music, art and community. It’s a huge building with tons of
character and history. After I don’t know how many years, or how many millions
of dollars… today there is a fabulous coffee shop with some of the best food
EVER! And by the end of this month, there will be an upscale, full service
restaurant and I met the chef and ate his food, and I was SO impressed. He fed
us the most delicious meals! 
WOW.  Also at the Goss, they
have their own museum exhibit space, where they get some traveling exhibits
like right now is King TUT. – and there is a HUGE retail store (the Emporium) filled
with local stuff, as well as gorgeous jewelry, gifts and art.  Original local art hangs on all the
walls… totally inspiring. And on the 2&3rd floor, is the opera
house. It’s the coolest thing. It’s still in the process of being renovated and
repairing the floors, the painting on the walls and ceiling etc.etc.  it was just so cool. I was taken by the
spirit of the place and the vision for it’s future…I love that a group of
people are so passionate about their community- about art and culture enough to
totally dedicate themselves and their talents to make the whole thing great.
They will contiue to bring in exhibits, performers, classes, workshops,
musicians and artisans to sponsor, support and expose talent.. and connect them
to the community! If you live within range… go to their site and get on a
newsletter… get connected. GO EAT THERE… the food was amazing and the ambiance
a bit enchanting.


this is the view from the Mezannine level…all that curtain detail is actually painted.

here is an upclose at the pattern around the top- it's the Pied Piper…a little freaky, but uniqUE!



this is the view of the coffee shop… so cute, so quaint and the food is out of this world. i tried the turkey cranberry wrap and the orange cranberry scone for breakfast. i was just SO impressed!!  These floors had 5 layers of linoleum on top of this great wood!


just me!


this is the retail space.. so cute, so unique.
this was dinner… and seriously, the smell was divine! but there are not many things that i love more than sweet potatoes… and these were just spectacular!


this is shelley… she is in charge of the retail space- NO SMALL task!!

I hope that I get a chance to go back there again! Thank you
to all of you that were there sharing in on all the classes… there are a few
kits still available for :

energy journal class

Family Memories class

House of 3 silver Heart box kit

Halloween Masterpiece..

 If you would
like more information… email me HERE. The way it works… if you purchase a kit
online- I ship it to you and then email you the photos and instructions to
follow along, as well as being available by email if any questions arise.


My ‘inspiration sessions’ take me to a Brand New store this
week… near Orlando, FL… called ‘She Scrapbooks’.  (it’s in ‘the Villages’). I know there are not many spots
left… so if you are in the area, or want to come anyway… get on the phone and
book your spot!

It’s going to be so much fuN!… I can just tell by the
phone conversations…fun store! On Friday, we are kicking things off with a
little surprise… because this is a new store, and I will be teaching some fun
techniques that you’ll have to stock up on the supplies…! She Scrapbooks is
offering a $10 store credit just for being in the class! this offer is only
good for the Heart Box class… which is my very first class on Friday. More info
is available here… when we started talking about this, it seemed SO far away… I
just can’t believe it’s time.

And last tidbit… if you are LOCAL… I will be teaching on
Nov. 18th at Heartfelt Creations… I am teaching the ‘time and
season’ class… it’s a great class. dial (801)233-9028 for more info!!


Ok- I have time on my side tomorrow. wish me luck.

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