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Thanks… AND giving… that’s really what this season is all about!  my thoughts have been with the folks that were effected by the Hurricane Sandy, and I think that I have sort of sat- so far away… watching the devastation and wondering what I could do to help!

(this is jodi)

A good friend of mine who is from Washington DC, Jodi Cantrell,  came to spend a couple days with us and shared her experiences going into some of the areas that were hit the hardest, and helping to clean out … well more like gut out… basements and cleaning out homes, and literally trashing EVERYTHING. In fact, one of the guys that was with their group created a video about the day they went to help, please watch this sweet video.

Ok… so one of her friends has been spear-heading a project to gather up 20,000 blankets and beanies to distribute to those Sandy victims over the next few weeks. I knew that this would be a great way to get involved, and contribute something- Jodi kept telling us how tremendously grateful everyone was for ANY help at this super difficult, crazy time.

We purchased some full sized FLAT sheets, and I thought this would be a great time to teach my kiddos how to tie a quilt!  My mom has quilt frames, and I recruited my sister and her kids to help out as well!

We had so much fun! Capri and my niece Aspen loved using the needle and yarn and learning how to tie a knot! It was so awesome.

In about 3 hours we tied 2 full sized quilts!

Today, I want to invite you to get your family involved!! Would you help to spread the word? Whether you are tying a quilt, or sending a fleece blanket… or even pick up a few beanies when you are out… this is something that EVERYONE. ANYONE.

ALL OF US can do!!

1) Make or purchase a blanket or beanie.  follow this link for some ideas and instruction

2) Write a note –
Write a quick note to the family that will receive your blanket and/or beanie. If you want, you can also attach a picture of you and those who helped you.

3) Mail or drop off your blanket/beanie to one of these several locations:

Ok, so here’s the details:

Comfort Sandy’s Kids
52 Featherbed Lane
Flemington, NJ 08822

Comfort Sandy’s Kids
3917 E. Des Moines St.
Mesa, Az 85205

Comfort Sandy’s Kids
343 W. 300 N. #4
Provo, Utah 84601

Comfort Sandy’s Kids
54 Maplewood st.
Watertown, MA 02472

4) Continue to pray for all of those families who are displaced from the devastation of hurricane Sandy. And get your families, communities, and schools involved in helping us comfort Sandy’s Kids!


i am so excited to have a way to help out, even though it’s in the smallest way! have a WONDERFUL and happy weekend!! and if you are able to HELP… tag me up on insta so i can see!! xoxoxo


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