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2 new online classes to announce!

2 new online classes to announce!

I am super excited to announce a couple of ONLINE classes that have been announced today! Let me fill you in!


This class is very similar to the ‘Color Magic Live’ class from a couple of months ago- when you sign up, you will be sent a HUGE kit to contain everything you need to complete the 4 different Memory File projects. These projects are VERY interactive and each one very different, and I’ll be showing you ways that you can add to and customize YOUR project! There will be 3 different classes- you can see the exact descriptions by clicking direct to the class page… When the class starts we will post all the instructions for all the projects which will be available to you to create at your leisure! We will also have 3 LIVE classes: November 7, 9 and 13th at 7:30pm Mountain  Standard time (that is 6:30 PST and 9:30 EST).  Each show is one hour, with a chat!  Each show will be pre-recorded and I will be on hand chatting and answering questions as we go! After the live show, the classes will be available for you to view as many times as you like!

Another difference this go around, is that you can take the class without purchasing the kit! If you already have all the supplies, you can simply sign up for the class only.  View the different kit options HERE ( be sure to pick US, Canada or International opions)

Click HERE to read everything that is included, and get more information about Memory File LIVE!

NOTE: in the Memory File Album class, I will be showing you how to BIND the album using a binding machine such as a Cinch or Bind-it-All. HOWEVER, if you do not have access to one of these machines, you can simply use book rings to bind your book. The book rings are NOT included, but a COIL binding is. 

These projects will make some amazing gifts! (if you can stand to give them away!)


{MO} tography… is a new class just announced by Jessica Sprague today…

what the heck is ‘mo-tography’ you say? It’s mobile-photography!

So this whole time, you have been a {mo}tographer, and you didn’t really even know it!   In this class we’ll get you up to speed using Instagram, plus linking that up to your facebook, twitter and every other place you can link it to!  We’ll show you how to use some of our favorite photography apps, and how to do big app-mash-ups to get truly amazing results! And I’ll have a few fun projects for you to create (hybrid projects). That will showcase your new found {mo}skills! (ok, I made that word up for sure!).  I have found myself reaching more for my Instagram pics than any of my ‘regular’ photos for my projects…  this class will totally change your photography forever, in an amazing way!  (and for once, you’ll be able to show a teenager-near-you a thing or two on their phone!) and guess what, you don’t need Photoshop to participate in this class! All the techy stuff we’ll be learning can be done right on your phone!  ****These pics will be PERFECT to fill your Memory Files with, just sayin’!  click here to learn MORE! 

 This class has been designed using iphone apps. If you have an Android, you will still benefit from much of the class content, and there will be cross over, but it is specifically created using the iphone platform. Several of the apps we will be learning and exploring are available on both operating systems, but will have some differences in features. 

Be sure to check out both of these amazing classes! I hope to see you in class!

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