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2 posts in one day?

2 posts in one day?

So just a few updates that I wanted to mention… the club heidi kit for September is UP on the site, and it’s a GOOD ONE! if you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out here.  It’s all CLOCK stuff.. which I love and can never have enough of. I am not sure how many kits are left, but I know it’s not sold out.  I am gathering some stuff to share some of my most favorite uses for them, and maybe get you thinking, and in the creativity mode. I have not had a chance to sit and create for weeks. it is taking a toll on me. I am happiest when I get a chance to be creative. I am not really sure why that is… today I will not be touring with the group…I will be playing catch up with  my in-box and to do list… as well as playing on the floor with some demanding toddlers. It’s rainy out, and that always makes me happy to not get dressed all day, and eat chocolate. Smile.
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i have been playing with the idea of a calendar magnet board for the family. i want something that i can change up, and also use as an operating calendar, but then transition into a scrapbook page, or a mini-book or something that will chronical the day to day goings on in our household. now that school is in full swing, soccer is starting saturday for us, along with scouts and quincy begging to take dance… i need a calendar up and in EVERYONE’s view. i am sure that all mom’s can relate. i have an entire wall in our eating area… that i want to be interactive, and photographic and creative since all the walls of my studio are windows and i can’t really hang anything up. these are just me playing around… not really committing to anything yet. i never show stuff like this, that i am  just messing with.. that isn’t complete, not really even a finalized concept, but they are kind of fun, and worth sharing. maybe you can relate with needing to find new ways of keeping your families in sync. i want fun magnets that i can change out.. with the months, days… maybe even ‘birthday’ and other holiday magnets that you add in. i even think that i could put magnets on the back of a stack of journaling spots, (or post it) and add magnets to pencils or pens.  i think that its going to be cool when i get it all to work!  (stay tuned)
i am working on a bunch of ideas that are more along the lines of ‘functional’ projects. not just stuff that sits on a shelf. specifically, educational stuff for the babies.. and even ideas that will keep them QUIET at church. i just want to be locked in my house for a week all by myself.. that is my idea of a VACATION! 
you have to check out janet’s blog… she has been a blogging champ!! she has posted some really cool twists on her CE project… very cool. did you get the CE book? you will need it… it’s fabulous… now, this year we made it even easier to re-create the CE projects. there are various templates and files available for download. For example, if you want to make my spinner calendar project… you can just download and print the templates and pieces onto Bazzill cardstock. the instructions are step by step in the CE book. it’s available for purchase here: for $14.99.  speaking of CE, you can go ahead and sign up already for next years lottery registration on the Creative Escape website. there is all kinds of stuff updated.. photos, files and more information. we have already started work on next year’s CE, and we haven’t even recovered from this year!

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