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June 2009

4th of july… already?

well, almost!! Got a little distracting creative energy tonight, and I had so much fun putting this little project together… for those of you here in the USA, most likely you have wonderful plans next weekend of swimming parties, backyard BBQ’s and homemade strawberry ice...


happy friday!

we just scooted back in town after a fabulous QUICK (too quick) getaway to Newport Beach. i absolutely LOVE the beach, and just feel so grateful that Warner's let us crash with them, and that the kids had such a blast playing together. I LOVE...


i'll be scrapbooking these tonight

we bailed out of town for a quick, last-minute and unplanned trip to southern california! we are staying with old friends- you know the kind that the kids have been playing since they were miniature and there is one at almost every age for the...


new classes…

I have just been working on finalizing contents to a few classes that I am teaching here locally at Scrapbooks, ETC. We have just kinda added these into the summer line up there, they are not noted on the schedule they mailed out earlier- but...


not friday!!

I am not ready for this week to be over… I still have so much to squeeze in! I think that my expectations are a little too high, as I have been working my guts out this week. I don’t remember a busier or more...


mega mask pages

Today I got to teach a version of my ‘HKS secrets’ class at Scrapbooks, ETC. It’s really such a fun class. It’s a class that teaches LOTS of ways to use my NEW mega masks, my old cool masks, some of my stamp sets, distress...


the magic of a wedding…

I have to share these images, cause it was awesome. I got to be the ‘photographer’ at a wedding and reception this weekend. The young woman that was married used to be my ‘regular’ babysitter-since she was just a little girl! And it was...