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21 days…

21 days…

You may have noticed that the adorable Rhonna Farrer has started up another version of her famous 21-day challenge… it’s really fun and really easy to play along. The premise behind the idea is that it takes 21 days to form/or break a habit. (or get a really good start at one or the other).  For 3 weeks, Rhonna shares inspiring quotes and messages along with a good dose of encouragement on her blog. if you have something you want to change…it’s a fun and creative way to focus on that, and spend some time motivating yourself to improve, reach… grow!

I have followed along a couple times and have decided to join in again…this time with a bit more of a spiritual focus. For me, I just haven’t been taking the time I really need to focus on what REALLY matters, and be tune with my Savior. Especially as we approach the holiday season…it’s just something I want to work on. SO, i started TODAY!! i am feeling really good about it… i am going to use photos from my instagram, and couple them with favorite scriptures… here is today- it's a good start:

i can remember when i was pretty young…like 6-7 years old, i was at my friend's house.. Jackie and Jen (cute twins), and their mom had this picutre framed in their living room… one day, their mom pointed out to me that there is no doorknob on this door- that Christ can't just come in… He waits until we open our heart, and our life to Him! she told me that He would ALWAYS be there waiting for whenever i need Him, and wish to allow Him in.  i have always remembered that! while i don't feel like i have shut Him out by any means… i want to 'draw near'.

Rhonna mentioned that she is posting her 21-day challenge inspriation through Instagram. If you don't know what instagram is.. it's SO awesome. you can take a photo, and then add a filter, and a caption, and post it! you can follow people and stuff. the photos are unique and fabulous! but you can also follow her on twitter here. if you are tweeting it up be sure to hashtag #the21challenge

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