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(cam w/ his oldest son)

had to be one of the most spectacular finishes ever-


SO- I think that we all finally settled into bed around 3:30
am after LaRane put in her 14 miles and Cam picked up his last pacer to take
him all the way home. As we left Brighton, we figured that he’d be finishing
around 11am, so we were determining what time we needed to leave the house etc.
just before 6am, LaRane was waking me up from a very deep sleep and told me
that she just got a call from Roundy that Cam would probably be finishing around
8am. (3-4 hours earlier than we were thinking). Basically that meant that we
needed to swing into action and get ourselves up to the Homestead in Midway for
the finish. Everyone was dead asleep, and so we were trying to be quiet packing
up and getting out. We got to the homestead around 7:30, and the internet was
projecting his arrival for 8:34am.


(katie and her sweet baby- 40 degrees beautiful morning!)


(cam's oldest… wearing his 'team' shirt proud!)

We decided to believe Roundy, and we got
ourselves to the finish line, all set up by 7:45am. Not too long after, Cam
came into view- I looked at my watch and it was ALMOST 8am.  We all started yelling and screaming,
and realized that he is SPRINTING to the finish! He obviously was aware how
close it was to 8am. He finished at 7:58…..making his time: 26:58:32 …

He was so totally fabulous at the end! He was walking
around… no tears, no collapsing, he looked and felt great… and I was like  CAM!! You are in the 26th
hour!!! Congrats!!! And he was arguing w/ me, that no way could it be under 27
hours… he is convinced that it’s just under 28 hours.


(this is Cam just past the finish w/ the Race Director- this guy was presonally greeting and welcoming each runner across the finish line!)

SO that freaked me out- I went and checked his official time
and SURE ENOUGH- Cam finished in UNDER 27 hours!!! And it was so funny, cause
he couldn’t even believe it! a whole hour that he made up with out even knowing
it! CLASSIC!!  I guess that he
pushed pretty hard and his buddy Roundy was an awesome pacer, letting him know
the numbers of where he was and what it would take to have what kind of finish.
At some point about 10 miles left… he started telling Cam that he could
possibly get in by 8am.


(this is Cam's awesome anchor pacer-Jeff Roundy!- you made all the difference Jeff! thanks!)

Get this, Roundy was having a hard time keeping up w/
Cam, and finally they decided that Cam was going to take off and try to get in
by 8. So Cam fired it up, and even ditched his pack/water/etc about a mile
out.  I expected to see a ½ dead,
barley standing Cameron, but NO- he was walking on air! so excited…


You know, I really think it was the t-shirts that gave him
the motivation!  (chuckle).


– my finishing photos didn’t
turn out great, I think it all happened so fast and we were all excited and
emotional, so my photography efforts were thwarted!


You might remember before we started… that Cam was extending
an invitation to make a small donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation if
he was able to finish!! Even if you are willing to ‘pledge’ .05$ per mile…
(equaling only $5 total)… that would be awesome!! The donation will be applied
under my cousin’s name:

Zach Wallin. 

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day…


Colton and Cory were planning on entering their very first
skateboarding competition today!




(here is the cheering squad!)

They have been spending quite a bit of time at
the local skate park, and they were both pretty excited about it! they both
entered into the ‘beginner’ category. The competition was judged by 3
skater-dudes, and 10 participants skated in a “jam session” for 10 minutes. Of
the 20 participants, 4 were chosen w/ the highest scores to have another 3
minute “jam session”… Colton got some ‘big air’… did a 50/50 out of the bowl,
landed a 180 heel flip and other very fabulous tricks… anyway… guess what?


Colton WON! First place! He won a skateboard deck from “Odeus”… Colton is
BEYOND stoked.  So, here is the
scrapbook moment… he came up to me and asked me to remove his number off the
back of his shirt- and then he looked at me and said ‘are you going to go ahead
and use that for a scrapbook page?’… my answer: “of course!”.



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