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2 weeks

2 weeks

I can’t believe that miss Capri is already 2 weeks old. she has given me 2 nights in a row of good solid sleeping. She is a champ. It’s such a delight to have a new baby again. She is absolutely amazing. She just melts your heart. And she is a cuddler.   Just so precious. I love it… I scrapbooked last night. My first Capri page. I need to photograph it- I used the new chipboard clocks. I like them a lot!
Aside from all the Creative Escape preparations that are going on… the new product that I am behind on, and the memory trends catalog that is in need of my attention… we have been dealing with WATER issues. We had some water damage emerge in the kitchen. We have been putting it off- dealing with it… then eric found another spot of water damage. So we called in a handy man guy to patch it up etc… well, when they came what we found was that my shower was leaking. They wound up pulling the whole thing OUT and there was tons of mold under it all, as well as a bunch of termites-which we just treated for in JUNE for crying out loud. THEN to make matters worse…the pump on our well went out… and we were without water for a couple of days. It’s really irritating to not have water. Needless to say, having Capri was the easiest part of my last 2 weeks. I find myself just trying to believe that things will settle down, cause they HAVE to!
School started… and the kids are loving their new teachers- and that is all good. My couches came, the room is painted and it’s coming together very nicely. I love it. the couches we got are SO COMFORTABLE. I am sure they will start to be a hindrance to my productivity. I am sure got more done cause I had nowhere to sit! LOL.

I am selling my bug.
I really love my bug. It makes me so happy. I love driving it. it has a great little stereo. And it’s ALWAYS been like the most impractical thing on the planet. But with a new little baby, it’s even MORE impractical. I have had it for 2 years, and there is only about 15,000 miles on it. so I really didn’t drive it much anyway! Kinda sad…
But I will get another convertible vehicle down the road someday. I am selling it for 18.5$ if anyone wants to buy it and be really happy in it for me!

I guess that life just keeps going. Even if you have a baby, and you think that everything should STOP, and let you just stare at her every move, expression…even just watch her sleep. There is no stopping. You simply have to celebrate each day. remember it. live consciously-full of gratitude for all of it– so you don’t miss anything.  Cam and LaRane have been here since Sunday (my bro and sis-in-law). It’s been so nice to just hang out with them, and share the Capri-love. All my family lives in UT- I love it SO MUCH when we are together. they have been really good sports about the no-water thing. (chuckle) just like camping, almost!  we’ll see what next week brings!
i can’t wait……..


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