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3 products, 3 ways

3 products, 3 ways

this week I invited 3 of the design team members  to use 3 different products on their projects… I call it: 3 products, 3 ways! I just absolutely love seeing different peoples’ takes in their creations! Especially these uber-creative ladies: Andrea Budjack, Roree Rumph and Danielle Flanders.  These projects are so much fun:

the products that I asked these lovely ladies to feature were:

  • instaframes (one of my super favorites of this new line)
  • Neon tapes (because you always need a big pop of color)
  • Trimmings—which are SO fun to play with and have such a life of their own!

andrea’s take

Andrea made these super happy and delightful little cards…

I LOVE her little twists:

  1. I never would have thought to turn the frames sideways- how cute is that?
  2. Then she cut the scallop segments of the trims into something of a tab for sewn buttons. So cute!
  3. And you know how I love BOWS… just notice how she ran the green neon tape along the paper strips, and then turned them into a big bow

**nice use of sewing machine and a touch of color magic! These are just SO springy and fresh! Thanks Andrea!

roree’s take

Roree’s created this little corrugated cardboard mini-

as soon as I saw this, I knew she was a girl after my own heart-  grabbing something totally accessible and ordinary as cardboard, and transforming it into a thing of beauty!!

  1. LOVE that sunshine trimmings flower! I like the machine stitched center with that big eye popping button (and love the orange floss)
  2. I am craving these bright colors, and I am seeing teal + orange everywhere I look! Great spring-y combo! I think we are all sporting serious spring fever!
  3. The Neon tapes are really cool… you have to try them! They pack a punch!

danielle’s take

Danielle created a 12×12 scrapbook page all about her love of facebook!

This page will be so much fun for her to look back on. I love that the stuff she wrote is SO “right now”, and representative of HER. This page just looks happy! those big pink paislee wood letters are just SO cute! I LOVE her use of the word bubble and the likey-hearts.

  1. I  love how she attached the trims with the tape it’self! Clever!
  2. I just love the authenticity of this page… I am sure that we are all equally in love with FB!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to these fab designers! I love, love seeing what they do with my products, and I love getting fresh ideas, and seeing things I wouldn’t have normally thought to do!  I appreciate your talents ladies!

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