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36 @ 36 — memory file project

36 @ 36 — memory file project

Allow me to introduce Corrie Jones… she is a girl after my own heart! I absolutely LOVE what she has done with her ‘36’ Memory File — which she created to help her “prepare” for turning 36 ….

… I love that she tied a little mini book inside and focused on all the things that matter the most to her. I love how she used the ‘openables’ along with the color labels, the pennants, photo captions and buzz words! I love how she mixed it all together to tell her story!  and of course- you can tell she loves her Silhouette!

I love to get the inside scoop behind projects- and so I would like to share some excerpts from Corrie’s thoughts about this project!

“I turned 36 this year and to be honest, it was the hardest birthday so far.  As it approached, I felt older and older!  And although I know that 36 is not old, that is what I felt like to me.  (Seriously, I remember being 20 like it was yesterday!)…”

“So now I am 36 and who am I?  Well, I created this memory file to remind myself of that.  So that someday when I am 56 or 76 or 106, I will be able to look back and see the person I am today. I was able to document where I am and what I like.  What I actually “see”, with my eyes, about myself.  I think it will be fun to look back on…”

This project will be a wonderful way to look back on her 36th year …. Happy Birthday Corrie! And high-five for documenting YOURSELF too! You sound like a true Taurus to me! (wink) thank you for sharing such a personal look into your project!

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