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i am not really sure how it go so late, but i was  determined that i was going to upload these videos befor i went to bed.  i LOVE this technology.. i love that i can take a video w/ the  flip (fast and easy), then upload,  edit (albeit lousy editing job)…. to You Tube and link  to my blog. it’s amazing, and  awesome! so i am neither a actress nor a film-maker (so don’t be too critical!)… but i did have eric help me to create a little  tutorial video that walks  you through the cutie ‘hYbrid’ Valentine kit that is available on House of 3. There is still plenty of time before Valentine’s  Day to get something fabulous created for someone you love. i offer some tips for covering chipboard, edging stuff, stamping and then putting the whole thing together. Normally, a video like this will be bundled in the kit that you buy, but we wanted to be SURE that everyone understands what we are talking about – just a way to get on the same  page. there are 2 parts uploaded to You Tube, so be sure to watch both, and in the right order.

keep in mind that you can purchase the kit for 12.00$ that has the templates,  font and all the backgrounds included… or purchase the it w/ no backgrounds for 8.00$
We also posted some really cool ‘behind the scenes info on the blog... it’s a fun commentary about what happened the day we got the headshots.

it’s  so Early/late. i can barley keep my eyes open.

thanks for watchinG!

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