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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Memory Keeping Is Not Forgotten in 2018

Getting real and answering the tough questions about memorykeeping by @createoften for @heidiswapp

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Memory Keeping Is Not Forgotten in 2018

With another year gone and a new one started, I am always re-evaluating my life. Aren’t we all? I read that by February 80% of people give up their New Year’s resolutions. Just reading that makes me feel like a failure and I didn’t even make resolutions this year! Ha! When I look back on the last year, I know I want to…

Print more pictures.

Tell more stories.

Document more of my everyday, because well, my kids are growing like weeds.

I want to give myself the freedom to take care of myself without mom-guilt. That means more time to create, rest, read, and eat foods that will help me be a better person for my family.

Getting real and answering the tough questions about memorykeeping by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I know that you all feel the same way because of all the questions you have answered recently on Heidi Swapp’s Facebook page. There is a desire for us all to write our stories, print more of our pictures, and document those stories.

Here are a few of the tough questions I have had to ask myself…

You haven’t been taking enough pictures. How are you going to change that this year?

Days aren’t going to get shorter. Although recently I have been living more in-the-moment and enjoying the time I have with my kids, just taking out my phone to snap a quick photo of something to remember later should be easy enough. I am also going to make my husband give up his phone for a few minutes a month to print his photos too.

How are you going to make sure you are photographed with your kids this year?

No matter what happens, I want to make sure I have photos of myself with my kids in 2018 and more than the annual Easter and Christmas family photo. I just found a photo album filled with images and realized they were from when I got my first film camera as a child. They were pretty good! I took it to school and got great shots of my friends. Giving our kids the freedom to photograph us in the way they see us is beautiful. Plus, they are pretty good at taking a selfie, so why not hop into the photo with them for a few too?!

How are you going to make time for documenting?

I am trying to simplify things this year. My everyday stories will be in a Memory Planner. I will use Storyline to help me get the important stories that need to be remembered and not worry about over embellishing. Then, I can free up the time to be creative with my other layouts.

I am also admitting to myself that I can’t do it all. Who’s with me!?! It is ok to ask for help. This is where I ask other family members to send me their photos that they are taking of my family. At a family event, everyone is taking photos. Why not ask them to send the photos to you? Sometimes they get better photos than you did!

Also, if you tell family that you are wanting to get more photos this year, they remember. I love it when I am on a date with my husband and our sitter takes photos of our children.

Getting real and answering the tough questions about memorykeeping by @createoften for @heidiswapp

When will you give yourself creative time?

I have talked to so many moms who feel the pressure to be a perfect mom. I have to remind myself that the “Pinterest Mom” isn’t real life. I don’t know how many times I have got everyone ready in the morning and started to drive my son to school and realized I hadn’t even brushed my hair yet! Ha! I have come to the realization that to be a good Mom, I have to also take care of myself.

Whether it is taking time to read a good book, play with paper and glue, or take a nap we all need time to give back to ourselves. I think everyone has their own way to give themselves an extra hour in a day. For some it is to wake up earlier. I am working on that because it seems like whenever I get up earlier, the kids know it and do the same. Ha!

During my lunch break, I am keeping my phone in another room and spending it in a book after a good snuggle time with my daughter. At night, I am making sure to fold laundry with a chick flick so that I can unwind. I give up laundry a few days a week so that I can be creative and that’s ok! So is letting your kid vacuum, do the dishes, or put the laundry away. They are a part of the community too, right?!

If you have any other questions about how to print your photos, how to get started, or more Storyline layout ideas check out this link to Heidi Swapp’s Interactive Storyline Class.

I hope you are inspired to give yourself a break, ask for help, and make time to document your stories! Get started now because there is no time like the present.

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