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5 Ways With a Junk Journal | Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser

5 Ways With a Junk Journal | Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser

5 Ways With a Junk Journal | Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser

let’s chat about junk journals

5 Ways With a Junk Journal | Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser


I know that the typical ‘junk journal’ found out on the interwebs is deeply seeped in a vintage-found vibe. I know that the ‘junk journal’ I am sharing here is from a new scrapbook collection. It looks on trend. It’s bright and sunny. Which is just my way with what I am calling a junk journal.

Read more here below for a bit of insight into this more modern looking junk journal idea.


5 Ways With a Junk Journal | Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser


1. A junk journal has no real definition for what it really is…

And that’s the good news. Here is my current working definition of a journal:
A handmade book of pattern papers that includes pretty much anything I want without it actually being a mini album of photos and journaling.

How’s that for a definition? I call it a junk journal mainly because I am not quite sure what else to call it. But this I do know: I want to be able to make pages with layers of die cuts or signatures of books and add shapes and words and stamping and patterns of paper with no real end in site.

This is not a new to me concept. I have simply adopted the term ‘junk journal’ so that these hand made books can hold whatever it is my mind is thinking about creatively at the moment.


5 Ways With a Junk Journal | Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser


2. A junk journal is a great space for creating layers and crafting ideas on a page.

On this page here I did just that. I have new dies in the studio. I wanted to get to know them better. So I die cut papers then die cut some more. Then I layered project cards and tags and off cuts of paper. I added layers to the front of this die cut file folder. And I basically keep adding little bits and baubles to the layers. And this I know for sure: in a future make these ideas will be here at the ready and help inspire embellished layers on another surface. I love that!


5 Ways With a Junk Journal | Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser


3. A junk journal is a great space for lists.

On this page I created a smallish little pocked to tuck project cards, tags and journal spots into. This now can be home for lists and ideas or even quotes that are part of my right now thinking. Some of these might even make it into my planner. Journal cards might make it to a scrapbook page. And then maybe not. Maybe these lists just stay right here. And maybe I add more. Hoping this is not too ambiguous. Sometimes we crafters can be hard set on making something and making it count. Yet, I am learning this: sometimes we just need to make for making sake. And this is part of what this page is all about.


5 Ways With a Junk Journal | Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser


4. A junk journal can be a samples holder.

Here’s how this page came about. I had an idea I wanted to swatch out the patterns from the Sun Chaser Project Pad. But then I thought about these new butterfly dies that I have recently procured. So then the idea was to sample the patterns but cut them out with the butterfly. Is it weird that this makes me so happy to see the all displayed here like this? Not only was it a great creative play, but it is also an idea for a future traditional scrapbook page too. Doin’ a happy dance.



5. A junk journal can actually hold photos.

What a concept, eh? Here’s the thing…I just love this photo of this sunflower in our yard facing the sun. I kept thinking about it as I was working on this junk journal. So then, I printed it off, and added it to the page. The opposite page is now open for me to chat about this here sunflower. So don’t think you can’t add photos to a junk journal. You can!

Here’s what I hope you are inspired to do: make a something. Don’t worry if it has an end use. Practice this creative art of randomness. And see if you too love these 5 ways with a junk journal.

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author: Jamie Pate

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