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93 years… and counting

93 years… and counting

93 my grandfather celebrated his 93rd birthday…and these are a few of the great-grandchildren that were in attendance! (there are almost 60 great-grandchildren; my gorgeous grandma turned 90 earlier this year).  it was a simple get-together, but a great excuse to see one another… i wanted to share a really great idea for this party-  there is nothing that my grandpa wanted or needed as a gift, but of course, how do you show up to a b-day party empty handed?  …

well, my mom had heard that the Utah food bank is in diar need of inventory! sounds like this time of year is always low on donations, but for whatever reason, this year it's even lower. My mom suggested that we all bring canned goods, and other items that can be donated to the food bank, and then she would gather it all up and take my grandpa down to present the food.  it was amazing to see the moutain of food that everyone brought to give grandpa to take- i thought that it was a great idea- and something to think about this time of year- and any time of year!  i appreciate the effort that goes into planning and executing these important family moments. 

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