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a beautiful 'summer recap' memory file

a beautiful 'summer recap' memory file

Tonight is ‘back to school night’… which as you know almost-officially marks the end of summer!  Can this be? I will admit, I had days that it really did feel like ‘endless summer’ –those looong days of me trying to get actual work done, and several (if not all) my kids wanting me to entertain them or drive them to entertainment…but as I think back and flip through my photos and instagrams it seems like summer has flown by!

When I saw this Memory File project created by Janna Werner, it got me thinking about doing a summer ‘re-cap’ type project. I love how she seemed to capture her memories, the big events and even herself! This project is richly layered in true Janna style, with tons of playful touches that create such a casual, carefree vibe: love the neon pops, splatters, word bubble stix, and don’t forget the disco (shapes)!  I also LOVE how she has incorporated her instagram style photos! I am dying to reach through the computer screen to peek at each and every layer of the fotostack!

Janna says:

I adore Heidi Swapp´s memory files! They offer so much space for lots of pictures, layers and embellishments. This memory file is about my summer 2012: our move into a new (fantastic) home, my work, my new nail polish, just anything that was a highlight to me during the last 2 months. I chose the Sugar Chic collection as it has such a happy, fun and lovely color range with great patterns – summer feeling included.

Janna, you ROCK it! everytime!… thanks for the inspiration!

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