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a BIG bow!

a BIG bow!

i totally neglected to show HOW i made this BIG BOW card on the webshow… so HERE is a big step by step tutorial! Janet mentioned that this is a 'texas sized' bow… i LOVE it… as you can see, i just can't get enough of these bows! i love bows of every kind!

ok, here goes!
Gatefold you will start with a 8×12 paper, and fold it in a 'gate fold'.  i folded mine in 3" on the right side, and 3 1/4" on the left. the overall size of the folded card is 8" tall x 5 3/4 wide. (when i folded this paper, i lined up the dots)

next, cut 3 -  2 1/4"  strips from the floral paper 7", 10" and 12"

Bottom layer

the 7 x 2 1/4 strip is first, and acts as the back of the bow… cut a little 'v' out of each end, and adhere it in the middle of the card on the LEFT side only


alright, take the 12" x 2 1/4" strip, and create a loop (overlap at the ends like 1/2"). you can do the same thing with the 10" strip so you will have 2 circle loop things, one of the loops will be smaller!

2 circles
ok, the smaller loop will layer on top of the larger loop, and then you will pinch them down!

then just do a quick staple there to hold…

cut a piece of the green trellis paper that is  6" x 1 1/4", and we'll wrap it around the middle of the two loops! i sanded the edges and suff just a little!

Topview copy

then you just glue that bad boy right on top of the 7" … man, isn't that just so cute! i used a glue gun- (that cute pink one from imaginise the ibond) but any glue will do (that rhymes)

this is what i did on the inside.. and i love how cute it is!! i used the sunny backgrounds from House of 3, and the envelope template kit– i used the 4×6, but it really came out a 3×5… and just stuck it right inside- perfect for a note or gift card or invite etc… i LOVE it! this is a good 'hand delievery' only type of card.

i whipped this one up too for someone that i really appreciate… and i love how it turned out. stamped the background w/ the Soiree stamps, and some yellow ink… and just added a flag and some twine to one of the Soiree sticks… and that thankyou banner, i used a quilling tool to roll the edges… it's super dimensional and so i used the glue gun again to adhere everything. SO CUTE!

i will tell you a quick secret… and i want to play w/ it more, but i tied the little bow (can you tell i am obsessed with bows…???) using the new soiree twine- and then i modpodged the bow so that it would dry in that cute shape-it's like a stiff little bow, and it's amazingly cute. i just want to eat it! sigh. cute cute.

i made a couple little notebook covers:

this one is so cute, it opens like a book and has a 5×8 mini-legal pad inside

here is another good reason to get the fringe scissors…


this whole collection just makes me so happy! it's so bright and beautifuL!



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