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A Care Free Love Story

A Heidi Swapp Care Free Love Story by Jamie Pate

A Care Free Love Story

A Valentines Day Love Story


A Heidi Swapp Care Free Love Story by Jamie Pate

These are my parents. Jim & Jackie.

I was sitting in our local hospital very recently. My mom was receiving her second blood transfusion in ten days. You see, my Mom is fighting an aggressive form of Leukemia. And while one just usually sits in the hospital lounger with arm flat and sleeps if they need to during the hours of a blood transfusion, well, today, it was not that easy. Mom needed someone to be there with her. So it was me.

The nurse could sense my mother’s down spirit. It has been some long weeks with various and sundry aspects almost everyday. My Mom was weary. The nurse, adroit at her job, encouraged my Mom to think about positives in her life. “Like your husband, who was here earlier.” “Man”, she continues, “I can tell he loves you! How did you meet?”

And my mother preceded to tell the nurse their story. Their love story. I heard my Mom say to the nurse, “I fell in love with him right then and there when I saw him.”

This brings tears to my eyes right now as I write this. Because you see, as I have watched my parents walk this very difficult journey, I have also watched a love story right before my very eyes.


A Heidi Swapp Care Free Love Story by Jamie Pate


The little nuances that are these two people’s story do not escape me.  I get a front row seat to it all right now. If for nothing else I am thankful for that.

To begin to tell some of their story, I wanted to add this one into my current Storyline Chapters Weekly Album. Right now more than ever it seems this love story is playing itself out in a powerful way.

This page is very simple, because the story is not. I made this ‘big picture’ story with a single page from the Care Free 6×8 Paper Pad. I wanted to use the tags to tell this story. This love story. I will be drafting the narrative for the facing page. But for now, this is just about how I wanted to craft a page for them.


A Heidi Swapp Care Free Love Story by Jamie Pate


As seen here, I kept the cut-aways to this page almost in the order that they were found before I cut the page up. That tag, why does it have to be right side up? It would not fit in it’s normal format. Instead, I just turned it. I’m completely fine with that. It’s good to think outside the paper at times.


A Heidi Swapp Care Free Love Story by Jamie Pate


Before the cut-aways were adhered to the page in my decided upon composition, I took a metal ruler and roughed up the edges. Distressed them. I like having that dimension on a page rather than everything flat to the background.  It seems this simple little technique pops up all the patterns just a tad. It’s a little simple approach with a nice impact.


A Heidi Swapp Care Free Love Story by Jamie Pate


The last thing I did was used the ‘love’ from one of the Minc Stamp Sets. Love Story is the title of this page. The stamped image with the typed ‘story’ creates a unique title, without taking over the whole page.

I know, when I look back over this page in time to come, that I will be brought right back to this day in 2022, when my mom, once again, shared her love story with the nurse. The love story that lights up her face, her life, and makes all the journey worth it.

I hope this inspires you to tell your story. Your love story. Or even someone else’s.


Heidi Swapp Care Free Collection is available at JoAnn Stores.

author: Jamie Pate




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