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a Concroption WINNER!

a Concroption WINNER!

YEA… and Congratulations to…………….

*please EMAIL ME here to get me info on where to send you the kit you just won!!!

last night i had fun w/ some of the house of 3 easter stuff ! i took a few minutes and created 1.5 digital scrapbook pages… this is the one i finished, and the 2nd is still a w.i.p. (work i progress). i have SO many cute photos… and i really should have bee working on another project requiring immediate attention, but i needed something relaxing and chill. i love to sit on the couch and create digitally… i am so not good at it yet, and i have SO much to learn, but it is fun to play… and i think that the H of 3 stuff is just YUM. now that the holiday is over, and we all have celebration photos and memories… now is the time to create! watch for something REALLY fun that i have been working on!
for now… this makes me smile!
this is quincy and her cousin alyssa.. they are so cute together, and just having cousins is reason enough to be bacK! especially when it's traditions and holiday! they are so blessed to have each other!

just fyi, this is what i used:
background kit (pdf and png)
medallion brushes
monogram kit (pdf and png)
eater cute brushes (butterflies, beautiful
definition brushes
definition printable (pdf and png)
april calendar in easter bundle

ok, so i have to share my 'mother of the year' moment  (not) … seriously- nightmare!! i had to run out to our house, working on getting our utilities switched into our names. i was all ready to leave, buckled Capri and Connor in their car seats, and shut the door -and boom, i had somehow locked the doors w/ the key in the ingnition, and the car not running. holy cow, i immediately paniced. we live quite out in the boonies , and i had eric's truck w/ no extra key or hide-a-key. i called 911, and eric called a locksmith and the fire department arrived  first. Capri and Connor both kept  happy and calm as we played 'peek a boo' and made silly faces and it only took about 35 minutes before we had the door open. if  it would have have been hot, they would just break the window… anyway… UGH. i have to be more careful!  i just felt horrible. i gotta get a hide a key for both our cars. sheesh. i did the same thing back when Colton and Cory when they were little, but that time the car was running. 

ok, we are off to take CORY to dinner for his birthday!  today is his 10th birthday… he is LOVING celebrating! we did the whole treats for his class, presents and tonight he gets to pick ANY restaurant of his choice just with mom and dad. so cute. can't believe he's 10! SO awesome. he's a great kid. happy birthday CORY PAUL!!

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