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a CRAFTY girl's best friend…

a CRAFTY girl's best friend…

what is your crafty best friend? 


i have been working on a little renovation of sorts.. really- it's not a 'renovation' because there was not any 'ovation' to begin with. basically, i just set up my counters/drawers in the only space they fit, and called it my 'stuido'.

yes- it's been disorganized AND uninspiring… so, it was definately TIME to make it WORK for me. it's been so much fun fixing, moving, rearranging, cleaning, buliding  and organizing.

so for me… this week, i think that besides my INCREDIBLY supportive husband ERIC, who has had to do a lot of measuring, drilling, hanging stuff… and i am sure keeping his opinions to himself… my OTHER, 2nd Crafty best friend is SPRAY PAINT!

basically, nothing in the house has been safe… i have now spraypainted the following:

6 frames

3 drawers

1 lid

2 ceramic bowls

1 clock

1 big H

1 little flower bucket…

and i need a different color for a little bird, but trying to DECIDE on what color!. these are hard decisions!



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