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a fairy party…

a fairy party…

Capri copy

as you know, i have been dreaming, planning and preparing for Capri's first (friend) birthday party… as she has turned 5 years old!  and as you also may know, i love birthday parties!  just love! Capri wanted to have a fairy party because she has this beautiful fairy halloween costume that would be perfect. she loves to dress up, and she is a girlie girl with a very busy imagination-

so, we had to find a garden that had lots of fairies to have the party! i only knew one such garden and the owner was sweet enough to let us have our party here… it's a little house that the owner has built on a little and quite adorable, day spa where she pampers people… how perfect… here is a view from behind:

Theplace it was just perfect, complete with some curious little creatures that would come out and watch, and then scamper back into the garage if noticed!

the girls were immediately enchanted, and just filled with wonder, like they were transported into a real fairy world! (which they were!) each guest dressed like a fairy, and they were the most adorable fairies you have ever seen!


when they arrived they noticed the jars first off… but they were missing their fairies! and they would need to find them!


one of the fairies that lived here in this beautiful garden could not believe there were little girls there… so she came out to read them a story and tell them all about fairies, brownies, elves and little folk from her book that HER grandmother had given her in 1955.   Visitor
so before the sunlight was gone, the girls had to search around the garden for 1 pink easter egg and 1 purple egg, a magic fairy wand (one for each) and also find the fairies! this hunt was a huge hit! the girls were so cute… and the evening was perfect temps, with a shady but beautiful garden! this photo looks ike capri really is a garden fairY!

once all the fairies were found, and returned to their jars to head home with the girls…


Presents lastly, capri opened her pressies and we had cupcakes from of course- 'sweet tooth fairy' cupcakes…

the girls loved the fairy jars… which made me so happy! they were SO excited to take them home… and they were SO excited about the 'pixie dust' necklaces… i loved it- they said "is this REAL pixie dust"… which of course it is… nothing less!


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