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a fun-filled page, capturing one of life's moments

a fun-filled page, capturing one of life's moments

Welcome to a new week…can you believe that it’s the last week of June? We are off to full scale summer, and I am holding on for dear life! There is so much going on, we are so much busier now than during the school year! Yikes! (but it’s so much more fun!)

I feel like everyday is so full of great memories- you have to be careful, you might miss something!

Today I want to share a really fabulous scrapbook page created by Karola.  First off, this is about the happiest FUN-filled jolt of energy scrapbook page EVER! At first glace, it just makes you SMILE!  Adorable photo of Karola’s daughter is tucked in a vintage Instaframe and is surrounded by all kinds of amazing layers and flowers and happiness!

I love how she added elements from a deconstructed ‘foto flip’ book (that’s where those cutie sunglasses came from).

I want to share what Karola shared about her layout, and her daughter:

I created layout about a funny moment from daughter’s life. She love to photograph and even if she doesn’t have a camera in her hands, she tries to catch moments. She makes funny poses as a photographer and screams: “Gotcha!!” – we totally love it and I knew that one day I would make a layout about it.

I love this photo of her, looking from behind her fingers on this crazy world,  and catching a moment. Love her everyday enjoyment, energy and her curiosity and I hope she will be the same in her adult life!

I love creating with layers, so I made some layers on this page starting from Color Magic paper as a background and then I added a few next layers made from Memory File folder, Photo Captions card and even Photo Flipbook cover! Because I’m totally in LOVE with Sugar Chic line I added some roses which I cut out from patterned paper and also used Sugar Chic pennant. I wanted to make a colorful, fresh and girly page to keep these funny memories about Rose. 

When I was young, I used to pepper my grandparents with questions about what my folks were like as young people. I wanted to know STORIES about their childhood. I used to love hearing about how different their life was from mine. I absolutely loved the STORY that Karola tells, and captured on this page.  This photo so perfectly captures the description that Karola gives about Rose, and I can just imagine Rose sharing this story with her children…

Can I give you a challenge today?  Take a look at someone around you. (you can use yourself). “observe” a STORY that you can tell…maybe something that highlights a personality trait or a passion/interest or even just a great story! Like:

I might have to do a scrapbook about how my boys just discovered re-runs of Will Smiths’  “The Prince of Bel-Aire” and how they play a game during the commercials to see who can ‘name that product’ featured in the commercial the fastest.  I have been telling them how stupid that show is, until I sat down and watched it with them and caught myself laughing out loud.  Maybe we should have an 80’s night!!

I’d LOVE to have you share your ‘stories’ with me on facebook!! It’s amazing what you see, when you LOOK for it!

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