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a fun no limits 'case file'

a fun no limits 'case file'

i laughed OUT LOUD when i saw this project created by Jess Mutty, another truly exceptional talent on the Design Team! I was so intrigued by her explanation of what she was working on for today’s Memory File blog post!  as a mother of 5-x-2-year-olds, i could TOTALLY relate to her description of her own toddler!  but once i saw it… it was even more clever and FUN than i imagined!  i love the detail that Jess went to including taking her son’s fingerprints and documenting his “temporary tatts”. i mean, c’mon… look at this kids ‘rap sheet’! hysterical! and delightful!

jess mutty’s ‘case files’ project

Welcome to my Memory Files project!  Most of the time we file fairly boring materials… so what is a little more intriguing?  A detective’s dossier!  And it was no stretch for me to come up with some “naughty evidence” for my two year old son.

Don’t let the sweet face fool you.  He is full of that toddler mischief that simultaneously makes you want to laugh AND cry!

I can’t help but giggle at the rap sheet and his Polaroid overlay snapshots. I used small squares of paper like post-it notes, stamps for attention, and lots of little embellishment details to add to the authentic detective vibe.  This suspect will be apprehended in no time!

i love this FUN approach… while there is the obvious silly, outlandishness of it… it certainly tells the story of Mr. Owen! Complete with coffee stains and maps… i want to thank jess for that little reminder that documenting is FUN, unexpected… and ANYTHING goes! (what will his future fiancee think when this rolls out of the scrapbook!) Jess… you made me look at ‘no limits‘ in a whole new way!! thank you for that!


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