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a layout for dad: masterful details & 'no limits'

a layout for dad: masterful details & 'no limits'

Are you ready for more “dad’s day” inspiration? We are about a 1 ½ weeks away, and I have been thinking about what I can do to make it special for the dad in our house. I’m feeling really thankful for him, in particular as this last month has been beyond crazy. He has been picking up the slack, with a smile on his face.  No way I could have made it through the last 6 weeks without him!

I am the type that loves to LOOK around and pay attention to colors and words, type and combinations that strike me… and let them all in to swirl around in my mind, and then see how it all influences and inspires my own creations …. Which is why I TOTALLY love this scrapbook page created by Corrie Jones.  I have been staring at it, studying the details…

I mean, start w/ the background- love the combo of first white paint, then the pops of the brighter blue. She didn’t dish too much on her painting techniques, but I LOVE the rustic and masculine feel!

She’s use TWO of my g0-to favorite tools: her silhouette and her sewing machine! I love how she layered the words of her title and tacked them down using her sewing machine. Sometimes, I just hate trying to control the adhesive w/ the delicate cuts. I’m a fan of those star outlines too! Just fabulous! And can you just pay close attention to all the gorgeous stuff RIGHT along the top of the page. That kinda just made my day! so cute!

Then… if you really study what is going on around the photo… it’s masterful! Corrie has used labels, frayed canvas, paper cuts… instaframe, stamping.. color magic alphas and trimmings… to top it all off, I love the confetti feel with the sequins, mini stars and even one little heart for good measure!

here’s how Corrie described her project:

“I wanted to create a page about the one and only man in our house aka Dad. He definitely does not get enough attention in my scrapbooks, even though he definitely gets all the attention from all the girls in our house!  The No Limits collection was perfect for a “guy” page with its colors and patterns. Of course, focusing on girls all the time, I decided to jazz it up a little with some sequins sprinkles and some clear glitter.  “

yep. I love it! Thanks Corrie! Xoxo

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