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a little about me!

a little about me!

hello! my name is heidi… and i am a scrapbooker…WELCOME to my blog! whether you are new here, or you have been a friend for a long time… i am glad you are here!  i really only have one word to describe my life: CRAZY!

  Eh i have been married to this guy Eric Swapp for 16 years… and we have 5 adorable, spunky, high energy children that we have dragged all over the world!

Kids i have been blogging for a long time, and i am SO thankful that i have! it’s quite a documentation of my personal as well as my ‘professional’ life…

i really love all things creative and crafty! i love get my hands all inky and paint covered, as well as create wtih my MacBookPro and PS.  i tote my camera everywhere… i shoot with a Canon20D, and my iphone.

i have a little home studio where i stay up way too late, and from where i film little videos, live streaming web shows, and make messes!  you can check it out here…

i am also in the process of working on a new website where i can SHARE ideas, projects, videos and hopefully lots of inspiration ! www.heidiswapp.com

you can follow my craziness on twitter HERE!

these gorgeous photos were taken by Jefra Starr Linn, an amazing photographer that inspires me and is a delight to work with! thank you so much Jefra…love the shots!

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