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a little rough, a little glam, definitely chic…

a little rough, a little glam, definitely chic…

happy election day!  hope everyone will get out and VOTE!

just got back from an amazing week in Germany where I got to teach at a consumer crafting show for 4 days. It was SO much fun to meet new scrapbookers, and some who have been scrapbooking for a long time. it was so much fun to introduce the Color Shine, Color Magic AND Memory Files to the European market! I have to send out a HUGE THANKS to my hostess, and a just amazing teacher and artist Ursual Langhammer. She owns and operates a lovely paper crafting store that is packed with everything you could ever imagine, and oozes inspiration! She took me in, and took such good care of me! She just has this amazingly generous heart, and love of people… I am a better person after spending 4 days with her and all her friends and family! 

It’s great to be home, and I’m already unpacked and doing laundry! I got a whole row to myself on my international flight, so I was able to sleep! There is so much going on this week! Memory Files LIVE kicks off on Nov. 7th (Wednesday night) and on Thursday the 8thMotography kicks off!  Just a few weeks before THANKSGIVING! This is officially time to start the HOLIDAY creating?  Are you making holiday cards? Are you giving handmade gifts? Are you hosting parties or celebrations?  I LOVE this fabulous creative gift that Maggie is sharing here today…take a peek:

Less than 3 weeks until Thanksgiving. Yep. You read that right. LESS THAN 3 WEEKS! I host Thanksgiving each year, so this seems just crazy to me. I swear I was just rinsing out swim suits and now I’m preparing a menu for 16…where does the time go? I have found in past years that if I don’t just buckle down and start doing my planning/decorating/shopping early, it just doesn’t get done. So this year, with Heidi’s {virtual & digital} help, I already have my table settings/guest gifts {almost} ready to go. Woo hoo! In past years I have given my guest candles, cookies, or some other small token as a way to say thank you for spending the day with us. But this year I decided to do something just a little different. I found a recipe in Kraft Food & Family for delicious-looking Wild Berry-Oatmeal Cheesecake Muffins (yes…cheesecake… Sold.), and I decided that it may be fun to make an early breakfast for my guests. This way, if they’re running out to do some Black Friday shopping they don’t have to brave the lines at Mickey D’s, or, if they’re just going to be relaxing at home, they will already have their first meal taken care of. So, at everyone’s place setting there will be a big fat muffin…yum. And because I can’t just throw a muffin onto everyone’s plate (well, I suppose I could…but, yuck) I needed to dress them up a bit. If you follow my blog, or if you have seen really any of my projects, you know that I love texture. And I LOVE  the juxtaposition of said texture with soft, feminine elements. Think feathers and wood, or chiffon and denim…rough, but glam. So here’s what I came up with for my muffin presentation…

Simple, yet beautiful. Here’s all I used…

A length of burlap, a safety pin, some of Heidi’s Definition Stickers, Heidi’s “Gratitude” Digital Cutting Files, white glue & glitter (I used Martha Stewart’s Crystal Fine glitter).

First I used my Silhouette to cut the words I wanted…I cut them out on “Fabulous” paper from the Sugar Chic line. Then I brushed each word with white glue (watered down just a bit…you could also use Mod Podge), and added the glitter. I love the “Crystal” glitter because it just adds a sugared look, without adding any color.

This photo really does not do these glittered words justice…they are absolutely gorgeous.

Then I simply wrapped the burlap around the muffin (I used some Pumpkin Spice muffins for these photos…they lasted about 2 minutes after the photos were done), adhered a Definition Sticker to the toothpick and propped the cut word up against the muffin. Easy peasy. Small amount of work, big impact…my kind of project.

I am so excited to present these to my guests at Thanksgiving dinner…I’m pretty sure they will love them. Because, really…how could you not?

Ok, raise your hand if you wish you were invited to Thanksgiving dinner at Maggies!? I love to send gifts home with my guests as well! And these looks AMAZING! But this is such a great idea for neighbors, friends…dance and piano teachers…this is the time of year to say THANK YOU to those around us that bless our lives! Thank you Maggie for this very sweet idea!


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