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a new week

a new week

sunday night: i have been digital scrapbooking.
and i have a list of 25 things that i wish i had in digital format and it’s quite FRUSTRATING. hmm. i have my work cut out for me. i know what i will be doing this week! (chuckle). it’s getting SO cold here. it froze last night, and the ground was covered w/ frost, and so i pulled out my big houndstooth jacket and felt pleased and grateful for the cold. i threw a roast in the crock pot before we left for church and i LOVE coming home to that delicious smell! i didn’t get a nap.. and the digital scrapbooking tonight has thrown off my usual sunday night planning time. so, no to-do… no meal plan… and kinda too tired to care.
happiness is converting your CHA winter files to digital and playing with them before you have your hands on them! it’s cute stuff. as i look at it on the screen, i am wanting to print it off and add more stuff to it. definitely some bling and sewing! ha. so while i can’t show you the NEW yet. i can show you a couple with stuff available on my digiswapp site. learned a few things tonight, and then as i was working- kept thinking to myself….’there has to be a quicker, easier way’ to do a few things. i am sure there are keystrokes for all these things. like.. is there a way to apply the same ‘layer style’ to another layer instead of redoing it? there has to be. if you know… tell me! chuckle. i think that to some degree, i am needing to play with it enough to generate questions. because i am at the stage that i don’t even know what i don’t know. can’t blame me for trying. i am so excited because my Karen Russell ‘photographer’s workshop’ starts tomorrow. i SOO need the inspiration and … well the ‘kick in the butt’. call it what it is! so good for me. (kylee i miss having my personal photographer; and i need a new head shot).


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