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a new week….

a new week….

i have been in a scurry to get all my stuff done this last week so that i can be guilt-free as i head to Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Scrapbooking event this week… Eric is coming with me, and i am so looking forward to a couple days to explore a new place!  i have been a little MIA this week, as i was travelling for some meetings, and even got to hang out with my little sis who had the nerve to move away about 9 months ago! i am feeling so good about all the stuff i have been able to tackle in the last week –and after the next 2 days of work, laundry, grocery shopping, meal planning, veggi planting, etc…i am sure that i'll be feeling even more deserving of 2 days on the beach! This is also the that time of year that you start seeing show samples, and working on CHA excitement!  and WOWSA……….i got a preveiw of the Pink Paislee CHA releases, and it's SO exciting… i can't wait until i can start sharing. snap.. there is some GOOD STUFF coming.

SLC was graced with BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend…we are so ready for summer!  today after church we went for a delightful afternoon hike- and it was gorgeous!  so happy that it's finally warming up!  it wasn't much of a hike… but my legs are tired… need to get myself out more! 

tomorrow kicks off the Mouse Paper Scissors Dad class…i am excited to be hanging out in the class forums again…we'll be cheering everyone on right up until June 19!  This project will be VERY unique for everyone…the different skills and content that will be included in this project make it and amazing masterpiece!! i am sure that any and EVERY dad will love it… and feel appreciated. we have put together a slideshow that gives you a look inside my book–the class is only $18 and it's CRAM PACKED with very useable skills and learning– as well as a simple,  yet cool and fun book to make that can be recreated for different subjects… especially 'boyish' stuff… and who doesn't need MORE ideas for boy memories!


Not sure if you know… but Jessica's site is celebrating it's 4th birthday this month!  there are all kinds of things going on… including this AMAZINGLY huge 'blog hop' the end of this month… this thing will be filled with some killer freebies, and tons of inspiration– they asked me to be involved and i have never done anything like it! so just make sure that you don't miss it… i mean… 47 freebies?? hello!!


SO… if you haven't signed up for the Dad class.. you can click HERE TO join in! and check back for a look at Puerto Rico from behind my camera!! I can't wait to hang out with all you PR folks!!

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