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a peek inside…

a peek inside…

So I have been working on things I can’t share.
Rude. I know! So I thought I would share a little about my Beijing studio- it’s always a total disaster…especially when I am creating. but I did clean up a bit this morning, and so I can see my table. That makes me feel good.  what I would REALLY like to have in here are hot pink walls… but I haven’t made the time to do that. I do have a few inspiring things hung on the walls… and I always get asked about some of my organization tips.
This is the wall above my computer. I have my 9×9 calendar that I am 2 months behind on (that is my project for tomorrow!) and some simple frames from IKEA that I have filled w/ some things that inspire me. I read them every day. I have a photo that was taken of me at Memory Trends a few years ago- the hotel was in renovation, and there were all these signs that said ‘the best is yet to come’…I love that motto! I think that it’s something I like to tell myself…as I am always pushing and wanting to grow, progress and learn…I like to remind myself of that. the other stuff I designed and printed onto photo paper, and stuck in the frames. Really easy, and I really like them. then I got 3 clocks at IKEA… they are set to 3 different time zones. You can imagine, they are very important! 
Make_happiness Ornate_ikea_frame
Love this big  frame from ikea. I just made a simple photo collage of my fav. Photos to go in it. the size is a little weird…so this seemed like the best option…
And this is my little piece of home. My ‘goodbye AZ’ photo. taken the day before we left. I admit to having a little pang of homesickness everytime I look at it. but when I look at it, I am also filled with amazement at the change, growth and adventure that has filled the last 9 or so months.

This is my big magnet board. I love magnet boards. It gets out of control, filled with ideas and tidbits that I don’t want to forget. I put inspiring stuff up there, and when I look at it, it seems to drive my creativity. Really cool that way. right now my new website is feeling consuming and overwhelming.. but we are plugging away. i probably should have cleaned this all up and made it look really pretty, but i just snapped it tonight. so imagine it really pretty! wink.
This is my cool mirror. It’s a favorite quote of mine, that I found in the ‘bloom’ book (compendium)- “may you be truly blessed to always glitter with a radiance that shines from deep within you.  Barbara Becker Holstein”. I got this mirror at Ikea, and Emily has a friend that has a vinyl cutting business, and they did this for me. those of you from my year-long BPS class will recognize this! I LOVE it.

Whenever people ask me how I organize my stuff, I have to laugh a little to myself, because what seems organized to ME, and what IS organized to other people is not usually the same thing. if I can find it, it’s organized!! So, here are just a few of my solutions… they mostly involve Cropper Hopper. I LOVE 12” vertical storage for my Bazzill  cardstock. I don’t really like it for printed paper. I have paper trays for that, and I have it stored by manufacturer, then I can usually find what I am looking for. And I admit to having favorites. (a lot of favorites!). I also use 12” vert. storage for my new lines, as everything comes in 12×12. I put the lines together in a paper envelope (also cropper hopper) and then in the vert. storage.
Paper  as for embellishments, I have switched drastically. Since my space here is way more limited than it was in AZ, I totally revamped my system. I used to only store ribbons in little baggies on rings. now, I store EVERYTHING that way… it’s SO great for me! I keep same things on same rings, so they are pretty easy to locate. Easy to get on and off, and add to. And I just throw the bundle in a drawer. It
would be better to hang it on hooks, but the drawer is better at the moment.  i feel like i can keep a TON of stuff in a very small place
BaggiesThe other thing i use a LOT of are chipboard letters…I like to keep them handy. you know those photo storage boxes that you can get really cheap-? But they are heavier-duty than just a shoe box? Well, they fit the alphabets perfect. you can see I have an abundance of them. I like to mix and match styles, and colors… so it’s just nice to have them all together. this comes out everytime I scrapbook. 
Another favorite Cropper Hopper item is the 7×12 expo, and the 5×7 expo… I can put all kinds of things in the 7×12.. but ESPECIALLY the masks… stickers, silhouettes, rub ons, paper scraps.. all kinds of things. I think these are great to have! I sing their praises all the time. if I print  photos, this is where I put them  minus the stack, that is out to taunt me. for my work station, I bought 2 chest of drawers from Ikea, and put them back to back to make an island in the middle of my room. It’s nice and big… and I have a total of 16 drawers, that are just really perfect. I am very happy with it.
my rub-on alphabet comes w/ a little pink file folder to keep all the fonts organized…i keep them together with the other rub-ons in this very glamorous ‘glad ware’ container! it just happen to fit in the space available, and worked out great. i like to keep my regular rub on sheet in their packaging and cut out what i need from there, and keep the rest of it intact. so i just store like this…
Speaking of inspiration… and just fun stuff…
Here is what I am in love with that I found at the market:
Silver converse and hot, bright colored purses! SO cute. I have been carrying the green one! I like to buy bright silk scarves and tie them on to fit my mood. It’s almost a bowling bag style bag.. but is working great for a diaper bag, as well as for travel. love it.

sorry, are those not the cutest funnest colors?
so inspiring. and i love the SHINeY!

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