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a quick recap… then bed!

a quick recap… then bed!


tonight's webshow was very special, and unique. it was a pleasure and a joy to invite my aunt Karol Jean Miller to come and share some of her insights and memories with regard to my Grandpa K's art, and more specifically- his lifetime of Christmas cards… leaves me wondering if the passion, or better- facination with creating holiday greeting cards is "nature" or "nurture"? Karol Jean and i highlighted a few of our favorite cards- we could have had a 3 hour webshow just talking about each card, and the history and inspiration behind them. – i loved it.  so THANK YOU KJ for coming- for gathering…etc, etc! it's facinating to have this artistic connection with my grandfather- and i am thankful for Karol Jean for making (and continuing to make) tremendous effort to caputre, and perserve memories, tradition, and little details.

we talked about these 'stand up' cards- and all the cutting and detail… SO over the top!

a NEW friend came as well tonight- Chari from Persnickity Prints came over tonight- and this was really fun cause we were meeting for the first time, and she is SO adorable! we had so much fun getting to know each other a little…she has 3 sons, and is a busy mom- and she talked about turning into a 'digital scrapbooker' and being super disappointed when she'd take her 12×12 scrapbook pages to get printed- and the edges would be cut off, and maybe the color off… she just found that she really wanted to give scrapbookers a better option for print! – anyway… we love them, and this year have decided to create templates that you can put a photo in for holiday giving! SO, we wanted to talk about the options, and possibilites for print! 


Chari came with a bunch of the House of 3 holiday cards – she printed them on a mix of  matte, glossy and the metallic… the printing is gorgeous! so i just will share a  couple of the cards- if they aren't on the site yet they will be! – i have never made these kinds of cards, and i had FUN! (i made some new art… i need to get it on the site!)

Magic Swirl

ok… so this is all just to get you thinking!

ok, and i know this is turning into a really long "recap"… but i thought i'd share a few photos of my cards of christmas' past… here goes!

(this is the one that never made it out… it's 2001, not 2000!)

and i like how i attached the letter on this one:

this is the "matchbook" card… if you downloaded my "card inspriation" sheet… it's #6… and this is the beginning of 3 card that i used one of may masks on… this card's mask was hand-cut, cause it was still just an idea! and year 2 of the PINK!

i can vividly remember adding the "puffy paint" to these cards…

had to make the envelope this time- 2nd year of mask, spraypaint and transperancy!

but i think this is my favorite one of all..

i mentioned that last year… i went "paperless" -mainly just ran out of time, and blah blah blah! i didn't have a family photo-and i didn't want to get all the clothes, and organize… etc etc. we literally walked to the park down the street, and just shot up about 100 photos. you will notice there is not a "family" one- Colton had to snap the ones of eric and i! but we had a blast… and i really like how it turned out!  i made it at animoto.com which you can use for free! it's super user friendly!


NOT SURE what i am doing this year, but i am feeling really  inspired to SCREEN PRINT and use my YUDU! this year i do have great photos… i have a little idea, so we'll see how it comes together…

i really do think that sending out holiday greetings is special, and important! a tradition i'd hate to see die! SO… let's get going! start thinking… last night at the end of the show, i was going to talk quick about my little inspiration list thing- i hope you download it- and i hope you can read it.. it's kinda sloppy! but there are some fun ideas on there, and i will be sharing ideas in the coming days from that list. as well as uploading more new ideas and kits to House of 3… here is a sneak peek!

this one is inspired by my own "2000" card… and i used a mix of this years "holiday cheer" and last year's Holiday backgrounds… look for an easy-to-create kit coming!!


woo hoo. that was a long post! going to chipotle for lunch!

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