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a recap… w/ some instructions!

a recap… w/ some instructions!

I blinked, and it was Tuesday! yesterday I had my MONDAY POWER, and did all the laundry, cleaned out the fridge, did some shopping and even made dinner ( I know that I shouldn’t be so proud of that, but I am on a dinner-making-streak) and I even splurged and make Choc chip cookies for FHE!  I do love Monday!

This morning we woke up to snow, which is kinda threatening what I had planned for my Christmas card photo shoot this afternoon… but it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, so we will have to ‘make it work’. I was semi-contemplating skipping the Christmas card this year- but it’s just not Christmas without the card. And you know- EVEN my older boys were asking me about it, that is when you know that you can’t falter. I LOVE getting Christmas cards. I have them hanging in the kitchen- THANK YOU to those of you who send cards! They are loved and enjoyed. I realized that I never sent out cards that gave our new address, so I am kinda afraid many cards won’t find us this year. Another reason for me to get them out.  I have to thank connor for my idea- a little late in the coming, but Connor was INSISTING on this hat yesterday when we were at Old Navy… and I was resisting, resisting… and then the idea came. Bought the hat and 4 more!  We’ll see how it comes together!


Ok, I usually do a ‘recap’ of the webshow the day after, and now it’s TUESDAY and I haven’t recapped! I still have to take a few photos, and I am planning to film a little ‘highlights’ reel. But until then… I wanted to show you a few photos from ‘the book’… the 12 days of Christmas Hybrid book…

2insidecover 4page3r


Let me explain this one… I made the book from the ground up with stuff around my house. I did use a Cinch binding machine, and then created a cover out of a Ritz box from my pantrty. (you can even bring some snackin' cheese on into your crafty area while you are crafting!…unless you have a yummy cheeseball)


The Ritz box is just the right size!… when you purchase this kit, you will get all the pages in the PDF format—there are 20 pages (or maybe 21) and they come in order of how they appear in the book. i have mentioned this before, but I like to print at my closest Staples. I take all the files on a jump drive and ask them to print on 110lb white cardstock.   The kit also includes a largish PDF instruction file. It’s got big pictures and step by step instructions.  The kit did get uploaded minus one of the PDF’s and the labels the first time, but as of this morning- the kit is all set- so you might want to re-download it if you already have it.

Before the webshow, I didn’t want to put my photos in the book—so I could show all the pages. But I just uploaded a bunch of photos so that I can start filling it. I quite love it!  it’s 15 pages. Which is a lot, but you can definitely fill!

Here are the up close HOW TO shots for the cover… i showed this a little on the webshow, but here are some photos that might make it even more simple! NOTE: doesn't have to be a RITZ box. could be any!

**my recommendation is to cut all the pages, and adhere them back to back and BIND all the pages first, before you start adding all the STUFF.

1. cut the top and bottom off the box.

2. cut the front off the front

3. leave ONE of the sides on the back piece.

4. fold the remaining side piece, in half.. this will make our spine

3spine5. adhere the front piece to that part that folds over


6. adhere papers to covers on front and back-

7. and the inside too.. this will make the book really sturdy
8. add a 4" piece folded around the outside to cover the spine

9. glue the last page of the bound pages to the back of the book — i even kinda have the wire-0 sitting in hot glue a litte- so that it really holds. you want the binding to go as close to the edges you can-


once you have cut all the pages off… you will be left with these off cuts- that will embellish all the pages- notice how they are labeled, that will keep them all straight- my little quincy (10 years old) has taken this over now that i have it constructed and she is so excited to follow the instructions and add to the pages!

ok…  there you have it!  i like how it feels in my hands! ok… here are a few more 'tips' i shared… i kinda gave up on my circle punches- and i wound up buying this circle template thing from fiscars, and i have been using it with this free hand cutter. works good- this template is called Circles 1.

for the first 3 pages.. the circle word 'joy' shows through. i recommed using a piece of corrugated cardboard to pop it up so that it's nice and firm.


you will find the mini-4" 12 days print… you will be trimming it in pieces
so cute!

for page 2, there is a little card that opens- you will want to make a little slit in the crease, and tie the ribbon around to decorate the front!

i hope that this makes sense! i'll be back tomorrow with a few more tips–the kit is on sale right now for ONLY $13. so it's a really fun one to pick up!

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