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a recommendation!

a recommendation!


CONGRATS on winning the fabulous Scarlet Lime Bead kit

Yay, Cory! Great job!!!

I can't wait to NOT have to wake up early to pack lunches (never really got into that "night before" thing…;)) – scrapping outside & dirty little outdoor-smelling kids (loooove that smell…)

Thanks for the chance to win!

Posted by: Mwingstedt | May 28, 2010 at 08:06 AM

You will LOVE this!!    EMAIL me at  [email protected] to claim your prize..

Today we got lots of chores done! Always feels good to have
vacuumed floors and clean bathrooms! This morning, we loaded everyone up and
went up to visit “Timpanogos Caves”. I would tell you more about when they were
discovered or maybe even who, or how they were discovered… or even a little
cave trivia if we didn’t have a totally lame guide!! And while we didn’t learn
much, we enjoyed the rather strenuous climb 1.5 miles up the mountain (and down
again)… it was a great outing to kick off a little summer!!

Now that all the kids are in bed, I have a little ME time… I
usually wind my week down with some pampering. So, I am not overly
self-indulgent when it comes to ME- especially not lately! Topping my list of
personal indulgences is a ‘large diet coke’ from Sonic! No facials, lunch
dates, massages, manicures… I do enjoy a pedicure when I can’t touch up the
paint and get away with it anymore… but I think that we all have our own little
‘thing’ that gives us our sanity, a little comfort and joy amid the chaos!
Right? Well, I’ll tell you that while I neither have the time or money for SPA
visits… I LOVE having a facial. For some reason a ‘face treatment’ of some kind
or another totally makes me feel better! I guess “rejuvenated” is the word. I
have been using NuSkin skin products for many years, and a couple years ago I
got what’s called a GALVANIC spa.


It’s a hand-held device that delivers the
results of a fabulous facial in 5-10 minutes and for about $7 per treatment.
AND your skin totally radiates afterward. The treatment is like a massively
serious scientific masterpiece of cleansing and toning and (most importantly)
anti-aging.  I started using the
Galvanic about 6 months ago regularly, and now I am addicted. I use it 2x per
week, and I am addicted to the tightness and tone of my skin after I use it. i
can be running on no sleep, or crazy travel –and show up without bags under my
eyes, and it totally reduces the appearance of wrinkles…anyway- I LOVE
it!!   the other thing that I
absolutely love, and use at least once a week is the Epoch Mud Mask. I have
tried lots of mud masks… and this one leaves your face singing the halleluiah chorus.
I am not kidding! Between these two, I guess I just give myself the tidbit of
pampering that makes me happy! 
Sadly, i ran out of my mud mask stuff last week, and I haven’t used it
in over a week, and I am realizing how much I miss it.  I loved the products so much that I
attempted to sell them last fall, but realized that I couldn’t spread my focus
that thin… however, my sister-in-law LaRane does sell it! ALL NuSkin products
have a money-back guarantee, so if you are interested…you can contact LaRane
here. there is such a night and day difference in my skin in the last 6 months-
I love it. She can also tell you about my favorite face wash (180), polishing peel (this is kinda like a microderm abrasion… leaves my skin SO smooth)  and
moisturizer (moisture restore) AND… the ULTIMATE lip gloss that you have EVER
tried. It’s reasonable ($11 I think) but it’s called “contour” lip gloss (I like
the clear best)… it’s not really a plumper exactly, but it plumps and smooths
your lips like NOTHING I have ever used. And it totally stays on.  Tonight I used my galvanic but I am out
of the mud mask and haven’t been able to find my lip gloss in a week, and it’s
totally bugging me! It’s made me realize how sometimes it’s the little things!
if you are looking for something new- check it out.  LaRane is awesome, she’d love your business!  

Have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully you can work in a little
personal pampering!

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