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A Step by Step Guide to Marquee Banners

How to make a marquee banner for the holidays by @heidiswapp

A Step by Step Guide to Marquee Banners

i always feel like “thanksgiving” gets a little lost in between halloween and christmas! but i LOVE thanksgiving… i love everything that it’s about! i love the focus on gratitude, and the overall feeling of gathering friends and family together and really taking time to acknowledge blessings!  this year i wanted to create a beautiful banner that i could hang on my mantel to celebrate the season! i wanted to use my brand new 4” marquee letters! they are PERFECT! choose a word, string it together and hang it, it’s that easy!

Thanksgiving Banner - Image 7

these mini marquee letters are designed to be linked together to create words!

Thanksgiving Banner - Image 1

each letter kit includes the paper letter shape, a template used for the inside of the letter, the light strand and mini bulb caps.  the battery pack is SOLD SEPARATELY, along with the new REMOTE. you will need one battery pack for each word you want to spell!

the letters come all white and are made out of paper. you can totally decorate them with tape, paint, or even paper inserts!


Thanksgiving Banner - Image 3

for this “thankful” banner, i traced the templates onto a woodgrain printed paper, and cut them out for the inside of the letters. i also spray painted the letters with gold spray paint.

after i had the letters painted, the paper inserts tucked inside, and the bulb caps in place, i followed the instructions for each letter to insert the lights in the correct order!


Thanksgiving Banner - Image 8

once you have all the light strands popped into the bulb caps, you can link up the letters with the clips…


Thanksgiving Banner - Image 10

be sure that you hear a little click as they make the connection!

Thanksgiving Banner - Image 9

i decided that i wanted the light strand to also be gold to match my letters, so once I had them all linked together, i quickly painted the strands!

to add just a little “fall” touch, i took some wood grain printed paper and cut them into the shapes of leaves. then i added a little metallic touch by painting half the leaf with the Minc reactive paint and gold foil with my Minc machine!


Thanksgiving Banner - Image 6

i stuck them on back to back using fishing line, and hung them just above the letters…

Thanksgiving Banner - Image 4

i can’t wait to hang festive holiday words on my christmas tree this year!  i loved how this “merry” turned out with red painted on the inside!  so many fun possibilities! i have a feeling i need the whole alphabet!

Thanksgiving Banner - Image 12

Thanksgiving Banner - Image 13

just remember that you have to make sure you pick up a battery pack and remote for each letter you plan on spelling! from what I have noticed the optimal number of letters on one battery pack is 8.

i would love to see your creations light up!! be sure to tag me in any of your social media posts with #hsmarqueelove

check out my video for more detailed directions!

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