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A Storyline Layout in 5 Minutes

Create a grid layout with Heidi Swapp Storyline Collection by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

A Storyline Layout in 5 Minutes

Do you have stories in your head?

Do you ever find yourself watching an event take place and you sort of format that story on a scrapbook page? But in your mind?

Well. I do. Often.

But I am finding the stories of my life are adding up and there is so much to tell.


Which is why I get so excited about Heidi Swapp’s Storyline collection.


And my desire is for you to get excited by this collection too.


I want for you to know how delightful a tool Storyline is to the end goal of telling your stories.

I want you to know how wonderful the Deck of Days are to prompt stories and fill in the spaces on these pre-printed scrapbook pages.


I want to help you realize how quickly this grid-sketch layout comes together. In less than five minutes time. And get so excited that you have ideas for writing down more stories. Printing out more photos. Experiencing the satisfaction of curating your life.


I want for you to grab hold of one of these beautiful Storyline albums and start filling it with your stories. I want you to experience the satisfaction of pages compiled and completed. You. Your life. Your words.


I want you to experience how simple it is to grab a Deck of Days kit (or two), and keep the embellishments limited and under control.


Check out this process video. My very first full episode sharing all the details of Storyline. Plus a grid-sketch created and adhered down in less than five minutes.

I want you to know how fabulous that concept is.

Watch this video. I will explain the different pieces of Storyline. The album and pages. The Deck of Days. Plus the Journaling Kits. This video is to encourage you to take this sketch and make it your own. And of course. Most of all. Tell Your Story.



Thank you for watching. Feel free to share this post. Share that video. Grab your friends and and some Storyline supplies and have a girls night out story-telling party. I want you to enjoy this process and tell your story.

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