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a week? really?

a week? really?

I just realized that it’s been a week since I last blogged, and I think it kinda freaked me out! Where did the time go? And I what have I been doing? I have tried to re-count the last week, and determine if I have accomplished anything impressive that has kept my attention on other things… and yea- there is a lot going on (there always is!)

Creative Escape is in the fullest of swings as the teachers projects are being finalized, and we are working through all the new little details!

 I have been doing much preparation and filming for the Mouse, Paper, Scissors class that I have the honor of teaching with THE Jessica Sprague… the class started today with the most amazing and enthusiastic group of women ever! Everyone is so excited to learn, and SO loving ‘hybrid’ scrapbooking… they are just total ‘soul sisters!’… it’s going to be so much fuN! In fact, I just have to share what arrived to me over the weekend…


this is a photograph of my kit for the class- even though I was fully aware of what was in the kit, as well as what we were creating with all it’s contents… I was SO excited when I opened it! it’s so cute! Glimmer mist, glam, Tombo Adhesive, bling, glitter, ribbon and MORE!  Just felt so exciting to have it finally arrive and kick into gear! 

I will have my first appearance on HSN in about 3 weeks… March 21. And It has seemed like a long ways away for so long, that now that it’s just right around the corner… GASP!  Working on new samples, and losing the 15lbs the camera will add !! I get to sell 3 different House of 3 kits: Parisian Anthology (and when this kit is sold out , it’s GONE),  Soiree and Daily Junque! I am SO excited and, well… totally nervous!  I am just going to think of it as a webshow… so be sure to mark it on your calendar, because the DEALS are amazing!!

I am also designing a couple new classes that I will be teaching coming right up. I get the opportunity to teach at 2 of my favorite stores in the next few months.  I will be back up in San Jose at Scrapbook Island on April 1st and 2nd.  And then mid-may I get to teach back in my old ‘hood’… Scrapbooks ETC in Mesa, AZ… I will get more info as I have it! but just in case you are in the area, plan on joining! I am thrilled to be teaching with all new releases from CHA!

So… I guess that with all that, and along with the normal rat-race and fast pace of life, I am just trying my best to keep up! I have loved my ‘remarkable’ calendar kit from House of 3, and MY BOOK, I have been trying to do better at planning and writing down the scheduled items.

Even with my best efforts… I find that there are 2 areas that I am constantly falling short, and I feel like it’s worse than usual.

  1. exercise. – ok, so I have been sacrificing this for about 2 years now… I HAVE to get back into a regimen… eric just invited me to join him in training for a ½ marathon… it’s on April 30…so I have to get going! And since I have a partner, I am sure we’ll both be more successful!
  2. Capturing memories- I am a scrapbooker for crying out loud… so why am I not taking the time and putting more effort into documenting my life? I just haven’t been… and it feels like it’s been a long time. the only real effort I am making is on birthday’s and holidays… I have been so wrapped up in the doing, I am afraid that I am losing touch with the living. … so I set a goal yesterday- and that is to physically carry my camera. If I take good photos, I will scrapbook them. (I like having good photos, w/ good and interesting stories, or at least something interesting about them!) I am going to be more dialed in… I am going to do this for the next 2 weeks, and see how it goes…

SO, I started last night. My folks came for dinner, and my mom brought some games… they turned out to be too ‘grown up’ for our crowd, so it turned into an impromptu charades/pictionary game and was so much fun! We were definitely playing to the LCD (lowest common denominator of Capri and Connor) which made it so much more fun!


I snapped these photos of quincy this morning- she stayed with my aunt KJ last week and learned to knit… in like 2 days she whipped out this darling pink scarf! How awesome is that! She is thrilled that she can do something I can’t (knit)


This is a great photo of Connor.. the kid is in this horrible (yet darling) stage of only wanting to wear the same thing- all day, to bed, and even to school if he could get away with it… and often times he can be found dawning the Nacho Libre costume! (and acting out the part!)


This is a good start… we’ll see what I will come up with tomorrow! Check back on me. Lets see if I have exercised and snapped at least 3 photos!?! CAN SHE D

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